Friday, November 23, 2007

bersih tak bersih

I guess it's now about that time for me to write about current issues, or issue, preferably. BERSIH!

I used to join the Reformasi demonstrations back in the good old days, yes myself it's been nearly a decade ago. Not just the main demonstration in the thick of the city, even the small small ones, and definitely the ones in Anwar's house. Why? Beats me, it was fun though, well I followed muh pops and uncle mostly. Anwar is one funny dude, charismatic for sho', his speeches are the shit, him dissing any politician is the shit. The PAS leaders are jokers too. Maybe that's why.

One thing about Anwar is, he probably was a faggot, most def bisexual. I mean he schooled in MCKK. It doesn't really matter though, he would make a dope leader, cause he can speak like a mufucka, afterall what else does a leader do but speak and make muh country look good, biatch. Nonea that stupid melayu bullshit our Minister of INFORMATION or whuteva pulled.

Plus, it doesn't really matter whether Anwar's a faggot or not, what really matters is, is he the bitch, or the butch? wahkgeuauhkgea.

Back then, the gatherings were chaotic cause SBs (Spesel Brunch) succesfully pulled triggers. I read for this recent Bersih gathering they had some PAS dudes who kept it organized and spotted SBs before anything, that's pretty dope. I guess that's why the fucking water cannons were fired with no cue.

I've never tasted that chemical though, cause I'm a dope rioter, muthafuckah. Wauhkehukgea.

One of the best shit was blocking highways. One demonstration was on the Kesas highway, that was dope. Helicopters flying around and shit. Just chilling on the highway we blocked and shit, that was dope. Why is it dope? Cause I don't know, any instance of anarchy is kinda dope to me, I'm a punk, beatch. Like fuck order fuck law, we blocked the highway yaw!

Anotha dope shit was that biggest one in KL, that ended up with Anwar giving his speech at Masjid Negara. Why? Cause like I said, anarchy, the city stopped for a fucking stadium full of people to do whatever they wanna. What's funny was, my family went there together but I detoured. I went somewhere else first, shopping for shit cause I'm about tah get back to boarding school, I think I bought some toothpaste as well too, gotta have toothpastes, toothbrush I can live without, I can finger myself. Then I got on public transportation and re-joined muh fam and the demonstration shit like it's some picnic, wakhugukea, *whistles*.

Thing is, I could've joined the BERSIH shit for nostalgic purposes but fuck it, I'm too lazy, I'd rather be at home watching Bad Boy Bubby fuck random girls. I guess back then a little part of me did feel that we need change and shit and revolution bla bla hoo haa wee hoo.

I'll stick to UMNO for now though. Cause face it, we're all doomed, nobody can make this country better right now, I'll stick to the corrupt but stable. We need a messiah, but by the time he (for feminists, fuck yawll, HE) appears with a blazing cock wettin' the pussy clit of our nation, it's gon' be too late, it's gon' be doomsday. Doomsday yawll.

And the only way for a revolution to happen is with big ass fucking guns and bombs. Let's kill each other shall we, that's the only way. Destroy, rebuild. But not that I don't appreciate all the whining, the whining keeps the corruption at least on a controllable level.

Man fuck it corruption is a requisite. Who gives a fuck, Dr M was corrupt as fuck but he did okay, this country was cool.

Idiocy is the pro'lem. Fuck man when I heard that Minister of INFORMATION or something chop his own head off and run naked around the Al-Jazeera office I was like fuck dude gotta put a hit on this dude, WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? Fuck that, we need smooth talkaz up in this muthafuckah. Yo Pak Lah get yow shit togeva, hire some cool dudes, preferably with a cockney accent so we can say fuck and they won't know it. Fahcken sloppy wankazhz.

Fuck man.

I can't handle kids, I'm not good with kids.

There's three things that can help me get pussy that i just can't do or am not good at, carrying a book around / clubbing / being good with children. Okay maybe we can add losing fat to that list too.

What if i told you just now i was driving in the hood and a latina looking gurlie was walking in the opposite direction. and she was mad hot.

Man stick to the topic, back to the matter at hand. Kids.

What if I hooked up with this mad fine chick then she takes me to her parents and turns out she has like fucking 50 small nieces and they all scatter around me, what the fuck would I do? Make funny faces is all I could think of.

I'm gonna be trapped. The jealous ex-bf will be there as well cause it's like an open house or something. He will suddenly approach the kids and then charm them like a mufucka. Muh girl's parents'll be like fuck our daughter's bwoy is such a losah. He ain't no shotta. Fuck hell what do I do in this situation, do I act like I can handle children then fuck it up. Like start talking to one of them, and then one of them start going about how cool the transformers movie was, and I be like "fuck that, sonn" and I just screw up. Fuck this, sonn, I'm doomed.

Latina girl. Daym where does she fucking live? Daym.

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