Sunday, November 25, 2007

jah easy dub

I was watching this friends-on-acid british sitcom Coupling. And despite the fact that it's pretty pretty dope, it had a laugh track. Laugh tracks are generally understandably corny maybe because of the fact that most sitcoms are not funny. At all.

It's love-hate for me though. I love to be told when to laugh, or when a situation's supposed to be funny, cause I'm a lazy thinker. And it does add a bit of livelyness to the shit. But sometimes shit would be a certain type of dope which would render the laugh track as nothing else but annoyance.

For example, League of Gentlemen. They scrapped the laugh track for season 3 and that made it somehow way better. Or shit like The Office (UK) / Extras, it's laugh out loud funny but I would certainly not appreciate it as much if it had a stupid laugh track. Or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Or other that typa shits. Yadadamean?

Forget about it.

Anyway, I've always wondered about the mechanics of a laugh track.

Some sitcoms have very open-ended and scene-responsive laugh tracks. Like in some instances where it's a disaster of a situation and any sensitive being wouldn't be laughing. Buttt, there would always be like 2-3 sick fucks bursting into a faint moment of cackling and then stopping in a fadeout kinda way like 'oh we're not supposed to laugh here? b fuhreal?'.

It got me wondering like mad. If the studios and production houses have meticulous laugh track editors who possess a wide range of royalty free laugh FXs, it wouldn't be much of a problem for me. Technology is magic. I undastand totally.

But what if it's an audience setting. Recorded. Do they cue the audience whenever they are supposed/required to laugh? If so do they inform the audience on what type of laugh it's supposed to be? Or the volume even? Do they like pay a bunch of people to sit in a room and laugh? Or is it like those big ass American sitcoms or Senario where they have a large studio crowd?.

Most importantly, yet again, do they cue the audience?

Like the big APPLAUSE lighty-light sign you always see in movies that have a scene about something involving a studio audience. Or do they just let it be. Or do they let it be at first, and then make laugh track editors edit it a bit so that some appropriate parts get the right kind of laugh and some inappropriate laughs get cut out.

I don't know. I'm just curious, yo.

Aren't eggs just the best. And chicken. And potatoes. Fish in the form of fish and chips. Mmm Mmm Mmm. I'm just hungry right now. Should I get out and get some food? patut ke? aku dah pakai boxers yang aku biasa guna untuk keluar rumah sebab ianya sungguh selesa untuk konek. tapi aku cam malas. Hmm. The world needs me.

But I don't need the world.

Aiyo God, send me to heaven yaw.

I need that shit.


MILF. Hmm. MILF. You're so cute. You're so cute I can't apply you to my figmental sensual escapades. And by that I meant dirty animalistic nihilistic imaginary fuck sessions, wahukukgea.

When I get to heaven. And since we humans love statistics. I might wanna check out my top ranking mind fucks. I wouldn't be surprised by the sheer oddness of it, because I don't usually include celebrities and the atypical porn stars. Yes, I'm very regular. I go for regular girls mostly, from the memory. I'm not gonna talk about this anymore bye (I want to but I don't wanna gross out my 100,000 female readers, no lie, I checked Google Analytics). Whakuguekaga.

Didja guys know there's a dance routine called Wu Tang? Yeah, do the Wu Tang!. Yes, and it's mad mongoloidistic. But what would I know about dancing. I was thinking about posting about it on Rogue Radio until I actually watched a video of it. Sorry doggz, contrived dance fads are mostly fuhhcking lame. The lamest shit.

Hip hop, please stick to b-boys. You've got your own badass dance unit and you keep trying to invent the most retarded-board-room-meeting-invented-simplistic-non-rhythm-having bullshit brushing off our b-boys and b-girls. B-boys and b-girls are broke now. Either that or they have to sell their soul and dance corny with a fake smile wearing moronic looking "hip hop" costumes.

Lil' kids are gettin' into these cuntfucking dance fads. I don't remember me being into all that dance fad bullshit as a kid. Wtf. Or have I been thoroughly cool since my age was a single digit. Man I'm so cool.

Dammit. I'm so cool.


Btw, Coupling was pretty dope innit. It had some cute british females. The psycho one gives me boners for some reason. The three males. One is this typical good propah guy stereotype who can get annoying but sometimes would erupt into cool ass tirades like this one in which he explains the male-porn affinity throughout the ages (triggered by his girl's discovery of his love for lesbian porn and the awkward moments that ensued). Another is his best friend, the creep. Who always has some fucked up as-if-everyone-knows-it termed theories. The third dude, a simpler dude, is the cooler luckier one, with the donkey schlong.

And because I don't feel like ending a post with 'donkey schlong' I'll have to type some more apecrapshit. You know, I have no idea why while typing this post out, I kept mistyping laugh as 'laught' or 'love' throughout it. You won't notice though cause I edited those mistakes. But WTF. WHUT'S THA DEALEY.

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