Saturday, November 24, 2007

curb your racism, nah fuck that let's go ballistic with racist insults. and 10 years before farhgkin independence

Man, when the blacks moved into Larry David's house I'm like that ma is hot (the one in red), and I was like fuck Larry you should be shagging her instead. Fair enough, since Larry is every man's man, he finally did at the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm season 6. Cheryl can fuck off. Cheryl broke Larry's heart, and if you break Larry's heart, you break every man's heart. But in the end he got a hot momma with a fine ass body. Usually she would walk around the house with her hair tied up and housewife clothes, in the last episode she dressed up PROPAH and I'm like daym daym daym dayyyyym.

LD's latest season dealt with racism a lot. Well, in a way it parodied racism and the paranoias, idiocies, dumbfucking pc-nesses, etcies. that's commonly associated with it.

I like racist jokes. I like racial stereotypes. It fucking tickles my dick. It makes me laugh out loud. Lisa Lampanelli is not the funniest cunt in the world but she makes me laugh anyway causea her no holds barred racial stereotype tit stomping. And ironically, her stand-up shows are pretty prettty heartwarming.

Paul Mooney, jokes are racist as fuck. I FUCKING LOVE IT. Wgeakkhueaga. White folks get made fun of the fuck shit. He does not give a fuck, you fucking slaved my peoples for years this is fucking the least you can do, lemme diss yow ass. Whukgeakhugea. Check him out yaw. YOUTUBE THAT SHIT, aight.

I love racism.

Give me racism for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. And in my hot horlicks.


I love 57, the number, not the 'year' of independence. I think it's a cool number, and that's that. I hated history, the subject, why? Prolly cause it's so fucked up now you'd think the history you're supposed to learn is either a benign cyst, or a sickening one. Or just badly-written fiction to keep the people in a comfort zone like any other history lessons.

So I watched this documentary "sepuluh tahun sebelum merdeka" (10 years before independence).

Content aside, it was a very well-made documentary. Short and cool, mostly interviews-based narration. The creative use of symbolism is dope (like the split screen three malaysians holding placards shit), and the usage of music is just dope, soundtracks combining well with what's on screen CAN make a man piss his eyes for sho'. And The Clash being in the playlist wins my cum everytime.

Content-wise, it's what I wished was taught back in history class. My reaction would be, huh, interesting, as opposed to huh, *scribbles pics of genitals on pad BORING* (or zzz) with the standard syllabus. But you know what it is, propaganda, not propagandhi.

The docu is basically about left-wingaz fighting for everyone to be malay and the country to belong to them, I mean us. Imagine that, everyone being malay. Dopeness.

Sure this is like fucking decades ago, even if they succeded who knows what might eventuate. Corruption, envy, evil, none can escape the temptations and shit.

But you gotta let a brotha have some fockenh fantasy eh.

Imagine that. We're all malay. That yellow fuck with the horizon eyes, he's malay. That hairy darkie, he's malay. That shit brownish moustached dude, he's malay. That latina looking bitch, she's malay. Like daym.

We don't need to make every 'heartwarming' tv ad compulsory to have all three colours anymore. We don't need a token chinese and indian, both speaking in the darndest malay dialect eva heard worse than mainstream film dialogues to be assistants to some supposedly high-ranking malay dude in police movies.

Fuck, I wouldn't be taught by nature, to hate on them chinks and darkies. I'm not saying that's what muh parents or fam taught me, they're cool, it's the environment, it is what it is dunce.

We'd all be malays, focken malays. I don't need to explain to my foreigner friends why we call the chinese, chinese, and the indians, indians. And that, they didn't come from they mainlands, they born here dukes, only they great great great grand don dada came from the mainlands, but fuck that right.

Makes things easy wouldn't it.

And the Gandhi inspired Hartal thingy was dope for sho'. Mufuckaz closing shops for a day and fucking up the economy. Take that you bri'ish cunts! Shove it up yer farhkenh arses.

I mean, all could've resulted in an ALTERNATE REALITY. Where Singapore is a part of us. We're all malays. We all fuck each other and live happily ever after. Deep. Fuhreeal.


I can't describe much more bout the docu though, I'm running out of effort. Alls I gots to say is it's FUCKING DOPE. You expect my level of anttention-span to watch docus? No you don't, bitch. But I finished this one so it must be dope innit?! Yawll should simply be gettin' and watchin' that shit anyway. The director provided like a million links for you to download the 30 minute shit.

If you give me any excuse at all I'm gonna piss on your brain.

And make your hot girlfriend give me brain.

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