Monday, December 10, 2007

fuck you and peace

Hmm. Nice wank. Forgot who was my braincell companion.

Got up went to the toilet. Looked at the mirror.

Strange. Since when did I tatoo my tummy.

It's neatly done too. All black ink, shape of a small lizard.

I have never gotten drunk or high in my life. When did this happen.

Oh fuck it is a small lizard whaukuhkhkugea. Wiped dude off onto the floor.

Washed him away into the drain.

There, that's for giving me a mini shock. Join all the cockroaches I've banished down there.


On another separate trip to the loo I met who might be his uncle or sumin'.

I'm like yo, your nephew? *points to the big bottomless pit*. Yeah.

I'm all alone now.

Where are the females?

In my fucking mind.

Where should they really be?

In my fucking comforter.

Where should I be then?

In that very same comforter.

Is the 'should' happening?


When will it be happening?

When I get lucky.


Cause I'm a passive loser.


Fuck you.


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