Saturday, December 15, 2007

drunk game

Today I'm older than I was.

Logically, it's a cause for misery and despair. But we're all humans, why the fuck would logic want anything to do with us. So we celebrate! I kept mine at a minimal. I slept till it was 12PM. Why 12PM? Cause someone really important woke me up, someone who has been here with me always, through "thick" and "thin". Mr bladder.

Woke up to the download of Pirates XXX still not complete by one file. But the download of Karate Kid is!

I watched Teen Wolf first though, I finished downloading that yesterday, fried some roti canai for an improper-something-to-chew-on-during-movie meal.

It's a childhood throwback. When I was a child we had a lot of tapes, but there were a few that I would always keep in the cupboard back then - Back To The Future, Karate Kid, Teen Wolf, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. These weren't necessary classic movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II for example is one of the most fucked up sequel ever in the history of movies about animals that can survive in land and water mutated into semi human then taught the ways of a Japanese martial art. Especially when compared to the made-me-piss-my-eyes first movie. Daym that movie was emotional. Sob sob sob.

These tapes just happen to be there all the time. And I just happen to watch them over and over again when I was just a little kid. I know all the dialogues, and rhythm of its deliveries.

So after revisiting two movies from that particular spandex of nostalgia. What have I learned?

The heroines in those movies are mostly very decent looking wimmin with not much flesh to show. They're not too beautiful or too hot, just charming, you spend more time looking at they faces then they titties. However, remember the girlfriend of that alpha male token asshole dude in Teen Wolf? That blonde chick, yeah that was the shape of heroines to come, minus silicones.

Teen Wolf is basically total bullshit, it's totally bullcrap except the song played during the last scene. That shit is beautiful.

Karate Kid is not bad as a movie. It can make you piss your eyes if you're not careful. The premise might be as corny as my ass with corn sticking out of it, but the relationship between old japanese dude and young italian american dude is quite nice. Also the token male asshole is pretty cool cause at one point he wears a red jacket like MJ. When I was a kid, in my imaginations of saving girls from various situations which would lead to a kiss, I would always be wearing a red jacket. Red jackets are cool.

The song played during the tourney montage in Karate Kid is BADASS. One of the most badass songs to have ever surfaced in the anal surges of badassness in the most badass situation ever known to mankind i can has badass possible.

What did I learn back then and what do I think of it now?

80's pop music, in all its electronic corniness, is proper shit --- it still is. Stop trying to revive it arseholes. And no YOU'RE THE BEST AROUND does not count, it is so badass it transcends taste.

Japanese people are wise and funny --- Japanese people are kinky. Their women love to be fucked by octopi incarnates and worms before stretching their pussy to cover up a table sized object. All while their men are eating feces and fucking eye sockets of little girls in skirts. Albeit all that, I still think they're wise and funny.

White men can't dunk, werewolves can --- white men can't dunk, blacks can.


thinker bell said...

yo! happy birthday!

NBE said...

adakah itu puting? cibai kia..hahahaa