Thursday, October 04, 2007

think it over

Sitting down with a hot ass not lookwise, wet hot anal hole fresh from a good session of chilli shit - you know what it is don't front. The things I would love to do right now. Rescue a mixed heritage girl from the surroundation clutches of teenie skinny hipster boys of colour with white boy syndrome big messy hair, lousy tight pants, and generally horrible looking tops. I'll smash they ipods, get them occupied, decoy, distraction. Gurly come with papi I got the goods. We'll make sweet sexytime as I discover she's not a virgin but is still tight - like a 7-year old's ass. Or drive by in my army unit hummer a bus station in a posh hood occupied by two stunningly hot caucasian-infested-asian young but legal chicks in hot pants. Or not, maybe I'll look a cute malay chick in the eye and spend the next few weeks having conversations, no not the stupid when i was a kid you know muh granma bla bla blabbergas ala sunset sunrise whatever movie but just continous flirtations on and on we can do this till we fall too much in love we get high and start doing things to each other we would never have done if she was a nun and I was a buddhist monk. But I'm sorry, darlings, it's nearly the end of the season, I need to win me some silverware and maybe plan future transfers for my team in Football Manager 2007. *cue ladies looking dissapointed and hot*. I say yo, for real gurlie, give me a few hours (12-24 give or take), then we can cuddle. We can look at the stars and I'll point out which one looks like your nipples the most. We can wake up and look at the clouds, I'll point out which one looks like your breasts the most. We can go to middle earth and look at the eye, I'll just straight up point straight at it and say that definitely looks like your pussy the most. And then maybe, just maybe, we'll have breakfast together, and I'll get back to my FM. *insert gurlies looking angry and hot*. For real yaw, I updated this shit with the latest transfers right up to the TRANSFER DEADLINE! *insert gurlies in bikinis looking not impressed*. Okay I give up bimbos, and Liz Lemon. Ooh Liz Lemon. You look like Winona Ryder except not like a dude, with less character which is good, natural boobs. You probably make a lot of money but you're always busy it's okay baby I'll go with the flow use the time you spend in the studios to catch up with my FM. But when you free, baby you're gonna have all of me, every single cholesterol, every single damaged split-ended hair, every single pheromone glands. You make the bimbos jealous, but my charm'll make the bimbos content, cause they love me, especially the one with a big fucking gun for a leg. I can't stand it when she sweats. I need psychiatric help right now, most fittingly from a psychiatrist who looks like a cross between Tina Fey and Rose Mcgowan, is single, and wants me badly. Guess what lady, you can fix my mind up, cause I made my mind up. What? Later at night in your bedroom, you're gonna find out.

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