Tuesday, October 16, 2007

mind language

a lot of malay people think in english, therefore their english is very good, written and most of the time also spoken. I have superior english to most malays, but I don't think in english, I don't even think in BM, I think in bahasa pasar (direct translation - market language, meaning - street malay or the malay language we speak not the one we're forced to speak). I'm not kidding it's true.

Whenever I'm driving and some dude is honking 0.001 seconds after the traffic light turns green I'll be going "pantek kau ah". Whenever I'm laying around on the carpet watching local tv and some dude makes a stupid statement like "the space program is a waste of our money!" I'll go like "kepaleh bapuck kaauu".

Many more like "kau gila kappa", "apa lanchau", "hek elah".

Or more complicated ones like "pergh awek nih chun siot", "hari nih aku nak tengok movie ke tv series?", "awek baru kat house m.d nih chun gak siot", "aku nak open dengan karipap dulu ke terus ke spaghetti? hmm", "p. ramlee gila badass siot", "kalau astro ban cartoon network disney etc masa raya pun bagos gak, takde ah aku kena mengadap bende bende nih bila sedara sedara kecik pegang remote", "pergh awek tuh comel sial argkh", etc etc.

I've been reading a lot of malay bloggers saying they think in english so it got me wondering what language do I think in as I've never paid it too much mind. I mean when I'm supposed to write in english of course I'll think in english but primarily as I live through life I just think in bahasa pasar.

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