Thursday, October 18, 2007

spanish bombs

We'll get back to this later.

Ooh post-raya (eid), that magical time when you promise yourself you'll eat like a maniac who has been fasting for one month for a week or so but get back to eating decently and controllably after that one week ends cause you're fat as jabba. A week will turn into a month, a month will turn into months. Next thing you know you're finally eating right - on the first day of next year's puasa, of course, that is only until 7pm or so. Beatch.

Dida. Ultimate diver. He one-upped Rivaldo's mega-dive during some world cup years ago, ball to knee *falls down holding face*. This time around, some Scottish (how surprising) dude ran across Dida, tapped on his eyebrow. What I heard from the experts was that the scottish dude's finger dispersed some kind of bacteria which spread across Dida's body prompting him to fall down like he was hit by a baseball bat miss-hit by a kid going for the pinata. Hmm.

You know you're shite when Italians start giving you shit about diving. Dida is gonna be punished like a mufuckah for that stupid shit. Which is good, all us football fans hate divers, that's why I hate american football fans. Everytime they wanna make a point that football is gay they'd point out diving. But dumbfuck, diving is NOT part of the game, it's done by faggots, while TIGHT PANTS, PADS, and HUGGING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PITCH WHILE THE BALL IS A MILE AWAY, IS part of your game bitch. Fuck that, rugby is that good shit, fuck american football, americans (u.s. ones) are douchebags. They're like that dude in your class who loves Bon Jovi and would never wanna let anyone say he's a douchecunt for being that way. What a douche.

One of my favourite The Clash songs is "train in vain", my favourite song from The Delfonics is "think it over", my favourite song by The Temprees is "out of my reach", one of my favourite Boyz II Men songs is "doin' just fine", my favourite song by The Stylistics is "have you seen her", my favourite song performed by The Platters is obviously "smoke gets in your eyes", one my favourite tunes from The Velvet Underground is "who loves the sun", my favourite Harold Melvins & The Blue Notes song is "i miss you", one of my favourite Blue Magic songs is "just don't wanna be lonely", one of my favourite Beach Boys songs is "god only knows", my favourite The Ramones song is "the kkk took my baby away". My love optimism game is fucked. You know who you are.

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