Tuesday, October 16, 2007

mars attack

A lot of people say Malaysia's space adventure is a PROPAGANDA. Yeah, okay, fuck you, as a patriot, I beg to differ. The flight has all the makings of a trip full of objectives, so full there's room for none more. I mean sure there are the minor fooling around experiments like this and that, but there are also the major experiments that will change the world and incite aliens to come to us like this, that, that, and this.

However, to me, the biggest contribution from this trip would be to language. It would create the intro for a new phrase. A new generation of sentences.

we've gone to space and shit but...


angkasa pun dah sampai tapi..

Anything can be added after these openings like for example "there's still poor people asking for donations in the streets" which I predict would be one of the common ones. Or maybe "there are still remp-its (biker mice from mars)". Or maybe in malay "pendidikan awam pun masih kena bayar lagi" or "korupsi masih berleluasa" (pergh macam kumpulan punk rock poyo cuba buat lirik BM lak) or "ahli-ahli politik masih lagi tergagap-gagap cakap bahasa melayu rasmi, cakap jelah cam biasa, tengok alien tuh, relaks je". Shit like that. Point is, fuck you space mission haters, fuck you indeed.

That brings me to another issue, aliens. Why is it that aliens are always envisioned as slimy ugly creatures? or ugly big eyed fucks? This leads to me suspecting that we already know what they look like. I mean, do they have to look like that? Can't they be pretty and beautiful. Or would it be too far fetched to think that they actually just, look like, us? Especially their females, hopefully. And their hot hot females could possibly even dig fat ugly bwoys like me. I wanna go to Mars, fuck it, government!! sign me up for the next one! Beatch.

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