Friday, September 28, 2007

emo acoustic guitar looping over a drumbeat, white boys getting dumped

Every morning, I mean afternoon, I mean ergkh evening when I take a shower, I would bend down to look at the short-ass Malaysian mirror and just stare at my face. And I'll be like yo that's a good looking dude right there like DAYUM, cute handsome pretty macho whatever whatever, he's got it. I'll be straightening up myself again and be like DAYUM and then I'll take a mean shit. You see, yeah it's true, I'm good looking as a mufuckah but why do girls not fall in love with me? I'm good looking as a butterfly who hasn't been crushed by the curious grip of a dennis the menace hereditaried child. I'm good looking as a muthafuck.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make myself look better or maintain a high self-esteem, none of that bullshit, it's just the truth. My point is actually, that wimmin have fucking bad taste (I hear "word up" from dudes everywhere). Fucking bad taste. Look at the music and movies yawll be all up into, and the kind of shit yawll be up into, what the fuck. Yawll have major bad taste. And I mean I don't wanna generalize but that's the truth. Then again the music the movies the whatever the whatever it's all subjective but when a heavenly soul like me is single and not loved by wimmin all over at least this country something is EVIDENTLY wrong with them tastebuds of wimmin.

Wimmin, get your shit togeva.

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