Thursday, October 27, 2005


Palayananga :
Vast Aire - why'sdaskyblue?
Juggaknots - loosifa
Serge Gainsbourg - la javanaise
Atheist - air

Spiderman 2. Yeah I seen this shit now, recently, whenever, I didn't see it when it came out cause I saw spiderman when it came out and it sucked ass. This one is not bad, but when I actually think about it, it sucked ass as well. First of all, I still prefer Eric to be peter parker and spiderman, because spiderman in this movie sounded like a shithead when he tried to be witty while squatting at 90 degrees on the fucking wall, I can't believe some consider this to be the best comic movie, fuck off, and I don't read comics but when someone is named Mary Jane, she has to be Jessica Alba, yes, if she wants to be an emotional and indecisive idiot, at least make her hot. If both Eric and Jessica were casted, I'd be happy with the ending which is Mary Jane choosing spiderman, cause as it is, it doesn't make sense, first of all, there's far too many hot ladies fiending for some hairy spider dick, and Mary Jane is ugly.

And and and and, the dilemma that peter was having did not make sense to me (in the movie's scenario). Like I said before, Mary Jane is ugly, and doesn't have any credible personality to begin with, so that's out of the way. Nowwwwwwwwwwwww, he has some time management problem, he has to make money at the same time bla bla blafuck off, you're spiderman, just rob a few random rich dudes, they won't mind and you don't have to work 9-5, who gives a fuck really, what does morale have to do with anything, you're a white dude, another trivial shit out of the way, hmmmmmmmmmm, okay basically that's it, not too hard. The tentacle guy was pretty cool, if a japanese directed this shit 2-3 rape scenes would have been in order, or if the army of darkness guy was the tentacle guy he'd have a cool catch phrase for every tentacle strike, I can't think of any to make an example, because I'm not the guy from army of darkness.

Okay what else did I watch, Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It was straightfoward and boring, with all the hype of the intro by the typist and shit, I was half expecting my inner child to be crushed unfortunately there's nothing unfortunate, it's just the typical get-into-trouble-get-the-fuck-out-of-trouble bullshit, jim carrey was harmless as the villain, at some point I was quarter-expecting him to go "Just kidding lolz im actually a good guy". But the thrash talking subtitled baby was cool tho.

Okay takde movie best ke tengok minggu nih. Entah ah, takde kot. To balance this all out setelah bosan dan bosan, aku telah buat keputusan untuk tengok vid klip camron - oh boy again and again, layan doh. Peace.

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