Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Park You Up

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I think this would be my first footie post since the shit started, I just haven't been as motivated as before to write that much though I still watch every uni'ed match I could get my focking 'ands on. So far all I can say for each players is/are/whatever :-


Van der Sar - excellent fucking buy, the defence has been fucked up this season, he saved our asses a lotta times.
Rio Ferdinand - sloppy and its alarming.
Mikael Silvestre - sloppy as usual.
Gary Neville and Gab Heinze - the two rock in full backness we could depend on, are sadly injured, fock.
Phil Bardsley - he's impressed me so far, solid as Neville's replacement. Could be a great asset for the future.
Kieran Richardson - he's had to replace Heinze at left back for a while and surprise surprise he did a good job, he seems stronger this season, I don't know if he's gotten more muscle or just got a haircut. Oh well, he got injured tho, and John O'shea is a slow lazy muthafucka.
Alan Smith - with Roy keane injured, he's been relied on completely to fill the gap, big boots to fill, and the only thing I could say about him is, he's done nothing wrong, he is probably the best CM we have playing regularly right now, and it's just amazing that from an out and out striker he could adapt quite well to this position, allthough he definitely needs more improvement especially in terms of positioning, reading the game, and controlling the flow/pace of play.
Darren Fletcher - whatever.
Paul Scholes - what's wrong with this guy, he's playing rubbish lately, and just got a red card this morning, he's just pointless at this moment.
Cristiano Ronaldo - so it this guy, he seems so detached from the team, always trying his luck at the most inappropriate times, always going for a lost cause with his dribbling, what's wrong with him? To tell you the truth, technically he might be better than Rooney, but he lacks two things that made The Roo a big bad muthafucka :- Desire and effect.
Ryan Giggs - hasn't been played much, but I prefer him to Ronaldo.
Wayne Rooney - excellent! He's the main man this season, always gets himself in the best positions despite the shitty tactic Fergie is playing, he's just, man, he's the man.
Ji-Sung Park - another good buy, works real hard, looks in-sync with the rest of the team more than even the older players, he's a team player, works real hard, doesn't stop running.
Ruud Van Nistelrooy - not complaining, he's scoring goals. I know I hate him but uh, I can't blame him sometimes, only players like Rooney or Park are supplying him sometimes, where have our AM gone?!
Rossi - only played for a few minutes, but the only player other than Ruud and Roo to score in the premiership so far. Looks confident, definitely a good prospect for the future, could be featuring more than ever because of Saha's injury, Smith's new position, and Bellion's loan contract.

Basically it hasn't been a bad season, just not so exciting either. The tactic sucks. Some players look like they don't wanna play for utd. But I gotta say, the signings have been pretty good, bargains too, throughout this season and last, I have more fav players right now than I did when I first supported united (Giggs and Cantona). Let's see, there's Smith, Giggs is still there, Rooney, Heinze, and most recently Park. Ronaldo used to be one of 'em but he's beginning to look like an asshole, like say, Beckham. 4 of the 5 fav players have been signings from the last two season, wow innit. Fergie has been on point in the transfer window, these new players have become key players. The youth players also look full of spirit. This is a transition time for united, from the old team of Fergie fledgings to a new era of players. We have a lotta key players who has years and years before the peak age. Oh well. Whatever.

Here's my preferred formation and squad for this season with the players we have :-

Van der Sar

Neville/Bardsley - Ferdinand - Heinze - Silvestre/Richardson

Ronaldo - Keane/Smith - Smith/Park - Giggs/Richardson

Rooney - Nistelrooy

What I think united need :- Hmm, a rough ass central defender to complement Ferdinand, somebody like Heinze. And an attacking midfielder who can replace Scholes who've been slacking off, someone with a lot of creativity and flair, and also can control the game. I don't mind Fergie playing Park there for now though, that's his position in PSV, and at the moment, I'm sure he'd do a better job than scholes. I think we don't have much problems in other fields, I mean as much as we're looking for Giggs' replacement, who's to say we don't already have one in Richardson. Same can be said of Keane, Smith is looking as determined as ever to adapt.

We're not Chelsea, remember Fergie's greatest reign started after he sold his star players. To me star power is important, but teamwork and spirit are first no matter what. Honestly I can see that in players like Bardsley and Richardson, they may not be as good technically as their seniors, but I can feel that old united spirit in them, in their determination, their hunger for the ball, they have been in the youth squad for so long, they're just fiending for some attention, I must say. And surpisingly, some of our signings have also shown a lot of this more than the originals. Just look at Heinze, or Smith, or Rooney, or Park. Man. We gotta get organized, man.

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