Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Speared Britney

The drug dealers kinda gave my dad a buka puasa table reservation at PJ Hilton for promoting some new vaccine so he brought the whole family. Man if I knew earlier we had a buffet for the night I woulda starved myself the whole day, oh wait. Mmm, so the first thing I looked for was AYAM MERAH! Nameann?!?! So uh, but the thing is, it was so packed, the whole journey from taking your food back to your table was like driving in Jakarta, I've never drove in Jakarta, but if I brought somebody who has to this buffet thing, and I told him/her to go take a food, he'll/she'll say something like "Man that was like driving in Jakarta", so the second part was a little bit satay, and the third part was a little bit of nasi ayam+murtabak, lame isn't it? Have I lost my touch? I don't think so, allthough I think I ate more generally when I was a little kid, but then again my excuse is, when you have fasted, sure you're hungry, but your capacity also lowers, so it's too easy for you to be full, plus the Jakarta traffic was very intimidating, if we had like say, Perth traffic, I could probably be more barbaric. Okay? Okay.

You know Jazz has these Standards? Jazz Standards? Usually songs that are written for/performed by a wide range of Jazz artists. Well Chat has a Standard too, Chat Standards, terms generally used by Chat artists, like say, one of mine is "bra engkau size berapa eh?", I always use that, okay actually when I think about it, my analogy relating to Jazz Standards didn't really make sense but who gives a fuck, I just wanted to say that, that's something I always must use when chatting with females cause first of all : I'm not a good chatter, I crap most of the time, so questions like this will help stimulate the session, maybe better and more productive exchange of thoughts will surface. However so far I've never gotten a straight answer, or have never gotten an answer at all, well except for my one and only big eared ex-gf, allthough she lied, she said she was 34B when she's clearly an A cup, Wkhrkahkghakghkaga, and she didn't believe me when I repeatedly told her I dig small breasts maybe because I was staring at some random girl's big bust when I was explaining, but I really do, okay, it's just that, big busts command greater attention, and it's only natural for males to take a glance, or a stare, or whatever, but that doesn't mean we don't dig smaller breasts, small breasts bring out the nipple in nipple, nahmean, or was it the other way around. Another Chat Standard, is "whatever" and other variations of it ("wat-e-verrrrr", "wokeva", "wat evva", "etc"), it originated from females, countless females have left me stranded after pouring out my thoughts with their "whatever"s, so I have chosen to adopt it, because allthough it seems counter-productive, it's actually..err oh well it is counter-productive, whatever. Peace.

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