Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wuhu esok puasa.

Hmm, since I don't have a social life nowadays terawih won't be as fun.

When I was a teenager after terawih in that air conded masjid downsouth I could go anywhere and know everyone, I would go play video games at that place, I would go browse the secret catalogue in that video store and then see the abang mat rempits test out porn vcrs before renting, I would just walk around aimlessly and some random fuck would pull me to that house which sold those mercuns, I don't really play mercuns that much at that time compared to when I was a kid, but I like to play around with this telur naga shit, you know, light it up, wait a bit, then throw it, it will fucking fuck all in the air, so beautiful.

When I was kid, there was no terawih, we just went to the masjid at keramat to play war at the bukits next to the masjid, yes it was kurang ajar, but we were stupid little kids. I wrote about all that in a diary which had like what? 2-3 entries, and I threw it out cause at that time those pretty little things are pretty dirty secrets.

I had a friend who wrote in his diary nearly everyday, I read it while he was sleeping, but I got bored cause his english sucked, but everything was there, all his secret little feelings trapped inside the calm playboy demeanour.

Why wasn't I much of a diary guy. Well, I'm something else, I'm the class scribbler, namean? When the teacher is teaching shit, I'm in my own world with an empty pad, drawing or writing whatever the fuck I wanna, it could have to do with something I went through or not, it was just random abstract fuck yous, it's my escape. You have my diary, I have my fucking whateverpad.

This blog, is that exactly. Have I ever told you guys what went on this day, cause if I did I would bore the fuck outta ya, I don't have any scandals, the only reason I go to clubs is if I had shit to do, or I really want to layan the music (no 90% of fucks who go to club go to get drunk and wipe their dicks clean on pretty little gurlies), I don't do extreme interesting stuff like what, like what? Like whatever, like say, I don't, ummmm, how would I know, I just don't do extreme interesting stuff, get me? I don't meet girls everyday at the lepak place and try to court her or her, I don't have any adventures to tell you.

Just give me a fucking pencil, an empty pad, and I'll crap the fuck out of it, namean.

I have something to write right now but right now I must go to terawih, early month, must be a lotta people/posers in the mosque, I mean I'm gonna be there, nuff said innit.

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