Sunday, December 21, 2003

He and Her

Huhuhu. Sedih sedih lah sangat. Sayang dah bersama dengan orang lain. I guess kalau orang dah tak sayang lagi, you have to accept it right? I mean, no matter how deep and pure your love is for her, the absence of it mutually means one has to sacrifice for the other's happiness, and that one is me. And I dedicate this post to her. My love. I've expressed too much to her I just can't think of anything anymore. So let's just say, this guy loved this girl so much, no matter how wrong he thought she was for her, no matter how the odds are piling up day after day, he went on, he never gave up, he was determined to make himself her true love, because he simply loved her too much. However, in the end, he failed. So he has to be strong and carry on. Peace..

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