Sunday, September 13, 2009

malingsia vs. indon part two, 1malaysia part two

i don't know why this indonesia malaysia issue is bugging me.

i don't usually focus any effort on caring about anything (unless if it's a hot curvy girl with big eyes and a smile that could melt the sun).

erm, anyway, then i realized, i don't really care about the issue.

there's no fucking issue. indonesians seem to forget that most of us here, ARE them. so too, have some malaysians. come on dawg, if you're a malay chances are at least one of your ancestors hopped onto a garuda and flew his or her ass to claim some land from unsuspecting africans weary from having walked a million miles to get here. also, that fucking ad wasn't even put out by our government in the first place. plus, wait fuck a plus there is no fucking issue, it's stupid childish bullshit.

the indonesians are a passionate bunch, and malaysians are dispassionate pricks. i guess this contrast bundled with their aggressiveness and our arrogance is the stem that birthed all this fuckery.

something has been bugging them for years, decades even, and our own
oh shit

the air is suddenly filled with the sweet hearty aroma of chicken kurma. mmm must be my gramps cookin' up sumin' for us to bring back home for open fast. something so culinarily tempting so early in the morning of a day of guaranteed hunger.

see i'm at the kampung right now, i don't usually bring my laptop here because i don't like to pollute the tranquility of chillin' in a laidback leisure-paced small town with the pungent wiry-impedance of technology. but, i didn't wanna miss someone, plus this nostalgic-ful one-storey house has already been debauched by lucifer's own invention - wireless internet anyway. so why stop at just possessing technology when you can sneeze to a step further, and actually use it.

wait where was i.

oh yeah, our own ignorance of this buggery might also be part of the buggering.

i've been to indonesia and i loved it. partly (and this might sound insulting but it's not) because it reminded nostalgic 'young' me of the malaysia of old.

i've interacted with some of their people. the friendly beautiful girls, the skinny characterful men, the animaly animals wait what.

moving on. once, this dude ranted about how he was proud that he made it in malaysia. he had a nice job and all in our beloved 1malaysia country. he was a bit pissed off that our view of indonesia is that they are our poorer less developed sibling, and that indonesia equals construction workers and maids.

he went on about how his nation might not be as developed as ours but their people have more passion, more colour, less racism, and they are generally less hypocritical.

i might have misquoted this guy, or just simply made him up. but whoever or whatever he is be it a real person, or a figment of my overactive a.m. imagination, i couldn't disagree with him.

it's pretty obvious that they do have some kind of inferiority complex. big bro, not doing as 'good' as lil' bro. all this aggression is not pure, it is just a symptom.

we're all civilized people, shouldn't we be more understanding, more tolerating, more caring. i mean sure they've overreacted, but you know, hey bro let's take a drive somewhere and talk about this non-judgmentally.

*oh yeah at exactly this point i suddenly just stopped caring about what i was writing and about to write more about, strange huh*

sowww... i'm gonna stop here about this subject cause i actually don't know where i'm going with this but i guess i'm just generally pissed off at dumbfucks with stereotypical opinions yeahh urgkhh hurr durrr we gave them jobs so they better hurr durrr get their shit together durr hurr. fuck off.

and yeah you know people should stop putting "anything except dangdut" in their music preferences. i don't want to explain why, i just think it's mildly annoying. i'm going to apply for a job at facebook just to issue a warning for everyone guilty of this to edit their shit or bear the consequences of being stripped off a virtual social life. in my free time possibly during lunch i might even skip a meal and go for the "anything except techno" types.

and i don't even listen to or like or give a fuck about dangdut or techno, i'll just do this out of logical spite. grgkh.

i also don't have anything against 1malaysia but i don't think this country is ready to not be racist. mattofact this applies to the whole fucking world, universe even, the aliens will agree. i mean if the opposition takes over this country it would be chaos, simply because we're not ready to not be racist. the stability of this country is built upon a foundation which is racism.

this order must not be disturbed. i'm not being sarcastic, it is what it is. if you simply put racism out of the picture cold turkey style you will have a fucking mess and decades possibly centuries (taking it a bit too far) of cleaning up to do. even if you put it out gradually you'll still have more than just a bit to do.

politicians know not to fix what brings them joyous amount of 'commission' money all while their people keep on smiling and hate each other without expressing it in a disastrous manner the same way engineers have been told not to fix what is not broken. yeah we're a bit wonky but we're still pretty much intact.

i'm pretty sure at least a thousand of us have pointed out the irony of the same government promoting the 1malaysia being the same government ruled by a skin color coded coalition. realize that they know this country ain't ready for no racism, although this country seems ready for and accepting of a smokescreen campaign promoting no racism. hurm durm.

and while i'm on this subject, i mean mood, i hate people who think it's cool to be different. fuck off. i remembered one time this thing happened and everybody gave their thoughts and paid their respects some dude thought it would be cool to be all like yeah hurr i'm so kewl why are all these people making a big fuss out of it chillax i'm cool no need to be like all these people i'm so cool i'm going to insult and make fun of all of them because they're sheeps and i'm not a sheep i'm soooew clever and all that and they're all soewww dumb hurr. grrkh that pissed me off to no end i don't know why. fuckin' non conformist douchebags. i'd rather be an innocent happy idiot than a smelly douchebag wunty-twatty fucking chair up their arses pseudo-'intellect'sss.

man i got so fucking pissed, seriously i got so angry i could start beating up some pricks, i could eat a meal fit for a king and start throwing up aggressively towards the general direction of assholes so i gathered all my pent-up pre massive random object wrecking outrage of fury and and and... deleted someone from my twitter.

anyways, i'm signing off, about to take a shower and drive back home now. hopeful that cosmic beauty would be there for me later cause i want to get mellow.


cosmic comic said...


".. because they're sheeps and i'm not a sheep i'm soooew clever and all"

ingat, no plural for sheep..hehe

penyelamat dunia said...

ye ye ye saya tersilap lagi hur hur hur :/