Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mengayat itu bukan kelebihan aku, tapi aku ada kuku yang nampak macam milik kaum hawa, dan cakaranku lukanya dalam macam pantai dalam

Step foot on the wood panels towards Balmora's entrance. Realm of vision, base of two specific-gender exploring devisers I am to meet. As I concentrate on the agenda, out of fucking nowhere glides a headwrapped cutie seed to one of the two. Only two seconds of meaningless eye to eye glaze can a shy male specimen collect. Not enough to command my heart but just the right look to warrant physical adoration not involving boobs and ass. Yet the heart is blue by age and by tomorrow I will forget all this. But only till obligation requires me to come back and if blessed by her presence again, rekindle the most fucked up feeling in the world, hopeless idolation of cute ass females. You fucking cute females. You fucking. Torture muthafuckah what. What's a fat, broke and ugly negro to do. And she will say if you didn't spend your cheese on a big spinner-equipped bulk of digital pleasure you won't be broke enough to not at least impress a yeast between my two a-cup it seems breasts. And I say, beyeatch, I only need to impress a hair on your eyelashes to be at ease with myself. For that face is from muthafucking heaven. Paradise. For the sake of reality, I hope you're not married, for the sake of taboo lusting imagination, I hope you are.

If I park my shadowmere mobile and hit a curb that is the fault of my mind wandering away on your soft soft skin softly softly admiring every single sweat glands you possess. Haha what the fuck.

If I spend tonight zombie travelling the roads of serene west side KL I will come across legions of biker mice from mars. Like the emperor's very own horse unit they scower the land protecting our soil from heathens. Heathens who do not erect the "american" flag on their apartment balconies or semi-d gardens, local car rooftops or Japanese motorcycle rears. I say freedom is a lie but the queen of MY country would say please at least honour the freedom fighters. They do not know politics, they only know that tomorrow, they want the people in their village to be able to live peaceful lives. And that if those rifle wielding imposing muthafuckaz come they shall get fuck all so they can fuck off. Please respect those who lift their fists and stomp their flip flops to say fuck off to our fucked up enemies. Screw the "american" flag.

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