Monday, August 20, 2007


IS singing along to Boyz II Men's "fallin'" while treading the planes of oblivion using the daedroth's massive physique as shield against the long range shock of spider daedras after slaying daedra princes and guards with my self-enchanted *pedang pelanchau.

Listening to Public Enemy's new songs in the stereo then stopping by the local supermarket. Walking past the entrance as the newest hits of today dominate the ambience (specifically that "suuuuicidalll" song) - this is reality welcoming me back to it - IS knowing I only need to face all this till I finish paying for the maggie. And then I can go back to the car and tell reality to shut the fuck up.

IS eating that maggie while reading a Tucker Max article about trying to buttfuck a hot chick. Halfway through savouring the cocaine noodle comes the not-expected-but -should-have-been-expected part where the hot chick shits herself, dude gets shit mixed with lubes on his dick, dude phukes on hot chick, hot chick goes wtf then phukes, secretly planned by dude cameraman plunges out the closet and phukes, and finally, hot chick phukes while cursing and trying to stand failing miserably then falls into a pool of shit, lubes, and phukes. At which point noodle is finally finished and I'm licking my lips.


laydiefa said...

how can you eat maggie while fantasizing about such horror? ewww!

hqa said...

well i didn't expect that to happen when i started eating, thought it'll be just another pleasant tale of succesful anal penetration. well, a man's gotta eat when a man's gotta eat.