Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I just bought a new hybrid camera, it's an olympus 2.56 xfgh77 model. Since it's hybrid I'm gonna be taking pictures and at the same time help prevent global warming.

This picture of where I live is taken with a 5.66 focus lens and then overlapped with a 6.66" 2.5mm + 5.55CC vatican whitening lens and with a zoom of 32.1mm and the holy settings on and tuned in to +5.55CTHLC

I used a different camera for this picture of my parking lot. My old 4 inch konika which when erected could go up to 10 but it must also be fitted into a 5 finger tripod and the movement when taking the picture must be alternated between front and back. Notice that once the film is developed it will be engrained with a whiteish substance.

This is a very nice place to drive through. You know what it is. I used my new camera but I needed to install a fishofillet eyeball lens to get the yellow red effect, allthough sometimes it's best to use a 7.99 or 8.99 effect transmitter.

If you look closely at the tree, you will see a monkey climbing down. The detail is frightening. This is because I used a powerful 17.17 setting on the hue and contrast level which is named the gerrard setting by camera experts. I also used a scouse cunt limiter switch F.0.ff which I bought during my trip to Liverpool.

This one might look like I applied photoshop filters but believe my ass I didn't. It's not too hard to capture, I just used a handphone camera with crappy lighting and a moving car.

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