Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer of Hope

    "House is a deity trapped in a human body - he's comfortable with not playing along, but sometimes he wonders why he can't play along, just to trick you into hoping a part of him could be human, guess again fool" - Mickey Mouse

I'm doing a short story divided into three chapters called "Summer of Hope" for my own ethereal pleasure, check it out:

Summer of Hope Part I
I just watched a music video, nice one, nice song. But it featured a loving couple enjoying themselves in a cable car, cuddling, smiling and shit. No fucking way dawg. The only excitement I get out of riding a cable car is reaching the intended location. If I have a girlfriend and we go dating in a cable car .. No we won't go dating in a cable car, ever, you wanna be romantic? book a hotel room for 2 weeks, fuck each other's brains out for 2 weeks, don't leave the hotel cause the only sighseeing we'll do is the arrival and departure hall of the bloody airport. On second thoughts, nah no airports, let's just drive out to the city or something, I'm sure there's a lotta hotels there.

Summer of Hope Part II
In the afterlife, there will be heaven / hell. I will be in heaven. And I will be paying hell a visit. Oh you betcha you muthafucking twat. I'm gonna be in there, I'm gonna borrow all of Satan's tool and I'm gonna find each and every one of you cunts who programmed viruses / spywares / malwares / trojans / whatever / whatever causing my laptop to become fucked up - I can't even open 3 word documents at a time, fuck you, I'm gonna torture all you fuckheads orgasmically.

YOU! Yeah you, come here you buttfucking bastard, I'm gonna scrape your lips off and make you eat a spicy as fuck nasi lemak without the nasi, timun, kacang, ikan bilus, telur or daging. I'm gonna make satan wear a strap-on (Just in case they turn out to be dick-less) and fuck you, through your peehole, yes the irony, satan and his flaming dildo is fucking your peehole and cumming inside where cum is supposed to cum outside, fuck you. I'm gonna ensure that you're sober as a mufucka, and then make you listen to Akon's rehearsal tapes for 24 hours, and 24 hours in hell is not the same as here dunn, it's like a thousand years or something, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do everything in the M.E.T.H.O.D M.A.N song intro from the Enter The Wu Tang 36 Chambers album, torture muthafuckah whut? whut? JEBAOOWWWWWWW. There's a lotta categories of people that I hate, but you fucks are gonna be first in line. I hate all of you piss kidneys, and this is me being subtle.

Summer of Hope Part III
I just watched this movie The Pursuit of Happyness, I think it's despicable. The main character is an asshole and I'm not only saying this because it's Will Smith - it's because he's the salesman mlm type, a liar, a cheater, an asshole. For every one hobo lottery asshole like him making millions, 500 thousands didn't - had to send their kids to the welfare, and sell their wife to an arab. I'm not fucking around this is scientific truth, there have been researches and shit. Though I can't say it was a bad movie, they had the whole uplifting feel to it, I could've fallen for it, thankfully I didn't cause it had a funny smell. It would have been better if it was some dude who just picked a regular job, had a small home, had fun with his wife and kids, lead a decent honest life, smiled at everyone, enjoyed life for what it is, and just be naturally happy .. oh wait - yeah, even indie artsy fartsy fucks won't pick up a movie pitch like that. No wonder my movies don't sell. Not that I make movies. Bleargkh. Buck townnnnnn! home of the original gun clappazzz.

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