Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jalan Happening

Oh yeah. It's sunday, you can't say oh "yes!" it's sunday! it doesn't work that way, sundays go with yeah, not the yeah! yeah either, mind you.

Just trying to get over last night's nightout club hopping, pickup line dropping, with dan, eric and frankie. Who am I kidding, who the fuck has a circle of friends with a collective order of names like that.

It's obvious that if I did, by this morning I'd be heading towards the thailand border after refusing to snitch on frankie who just murdered eric and dan, cut their bodies into pieces for a nifty plastic bag fit, car boot, hurled into port dickson waters (Best spot, wouldn't make a difference, they've seen worse in those heavenly seas).

Frankie, not a sweat, citing hereditary reasons. He can't kill me, he'd have suicide bombers on his ass.

So before I go on further, let me get my head straight for a while.


Back to the initial point of discussion. Do you remember school days? Well I do, and I was in the stupid class of a clever school after transferring from a clever class of a stupid school. So much details. If only back in school we knew how pointless it all was.

Our topic this day triggered a memory point (scientifically referred to as cerebro medula oblingatan) of everytime I pass by, or is visiting the clever class. there would be intermitten hisses - "yesssssssssssss". This phenomenon usually occurs whenever any of the clever ones have solved a math problems, to which the population will have this inner mind gesture activated:

I never understood this particular event, because firstly - I've never solved a math problem without flipping the book upside down to look at the answer, secondly - I'm not narcissistic (sure), and thirdly - I was not badass enough.

Referring to the third point, look at it this way, in these days of WWF and rap music, it wouldn't be so painful to watch someone brag out loud, it's so.. common, it's so.. okay, yeah, okay.

But this subtle and deadly low frequency hiss, this.. yeah, is designed to quietly contaminate every layer of your ego slowly into a state of decay. A lethal blow usually administered by a character with a front, the typa front which will moan "oh no, it's not that good" after a compliment, but you don't know this, you don't realize it. This front is the perfect set-up, the perfect decoy. That illusion of humility is just a skirt, one hasty tug would reveal the private part of self satisfaction and eagerness to display prowess - expressed by a lowly hiss "yesssssss" in its perceived muted frequency can be heard from miles away.

It is a silent killer. It is a black widow the size of a birth control pill, resting in the shades of your pubic hair. Awaiting the all systems go faint buzz of carnage.

Ohh I hate all you clever students. Solving math problems. I shall go now, back to my "hood", the only place I could call home. There shall never be any subtle snakey brag murmurs here, for if there were any, it would be futile. This place I call home is too full of outburst of ala WWF and rap music showboating for your pretentious little moment to be relevant. HAH! take that you math problems solver, I saw a nipple slip today! I am the 8th wonder of the world! I am the circular universal atom ripple wave red sea feel my wrath! feel the tock tocking of my cane as I lift it up and swiftly knock the floor down! fuck you, I live better! Counseling teacher said knock you out! Fuck your hiss you fucking whore, you fucking brainiac stainiac menstrual painiac. I'll travel the whole past, I'll go to ancient rome and greece, ancient egypt, ancient this and that, just so I could come back here and brag about something else instead! you fucking smarties, I'll eat you like a burger! and lick the sauce off the wrap, and then I'll wait till it's dry, then piss on it. Take that, bitches.

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