Sunday, June 10, 2007

Penguin in the Sahara

You know, life is so hard.. just kidding I'm not gonna talk about life, what are you up to? oh yeah? cool, good for you, thumbs up. I been doing a little bit of that myself, except moderately, you know what they say? every moderation is a combination of observation and toleration, well I just made that up, it rhymed and all that, sounded cool, heyy.

So on to what we discussed just now, what's a blog without discussions on current issues EYH?! let's see what issues have to offer here in this lavendary garden of a nation we call Malaysia:

  • Lina Joy loses fight to change her religion status - oh yeah? oh ok, kinda aa.... expected, dontcha think? .. next

  • Bahasa Melayu is now Bahasa Malaysia again - ministry of education changing shit every now and then, just being consistent init

  • PM marries again - nothing to see here move along


Nah I'm just fucking around, I'm not gonna evade writing about things that are not random bullshit like I always do, can't I just be a proper old blogger for a while.

Lina Joy issue - Babyrina and Sexysuraya have amateur marketing teams, any local porn impresario quick enough to jump on considering this as a nickname for one of his actresses gets my full blessings.

BM is back to BM - I think this will affect only an inkling of the population, even so only when they're on screen or writing karangans. Other than that, no biggie, we know everyone here only speak either bahasa pasar or bahasa rojak, it's evolution baby.

PM marries - All I can say is, it's funny watching or reading people saying now the PM has someone to look forward to at night to hold and to bla bla bla, come man, seriously? You don't think he's tapped that ass already? you out of touch son, our PM is all that is MAN, he might not be the evil genius that is Dr. M, he might be inferior in all aspects of ruling a country........

but he is ALL that is MAN. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Our Pak Lah is the rempit of all rempits.

You ever chill in a mamak .. then a butt-ugly rempit walks by, black jacket on, holding dear to his tinted helmet, poker-faced, looking straight ahead, not bothering to probe for a place to sit his ass down cause he knows he is the lion of this concrete jungle and there WILL be a place for him, if there aren't any, there will be one made? .. he talks loud, walks with a ballsy rhythm (whatever this means), familiar? Have you ever cursed him in and out - making fun of him several ways in your mind only to :o when you see the broad clinging to his hand, attentively trailing him wherever he is going?

Yes, that fair skinned, short-haired chick with a face so cute you feel like caging her as a pet to devour, every time a piece of sand drops in the hour glass.

The mulleted warrior she admires with all her heart is ALL that is MAN, not the muscular hulk humping away an ironpiece at your gym - he's either a metrosexual or gay - either way - gay .. not the rockstar threatening to tear his guitar strap every instance of spinning and jumping - that's a faggot .. not the ghetto blaxploitated basketball jersey wearing cap funny ghetto heaven going fuck - he's a faggot .. not the something something - that's gay ......... This old lad, who does not adhere to traffic direction, or light IS, Julius Caesar, HE .. is Genghis Khan, he is George W. Bush, he is Scarface, he is Don Corleone, he is Nino Brown, he is etc. etc. etc. "The World Is Yours" tatooed on his balls, and I don't mean "The World" on the right one, "Is Yours" on the left -- both sides, same phrase dupduplilicacatetedd, provided both balls are still intact, of course.

Who am I? I am the dude, the other lebowski, I am just a product of^ HIS environment, HIS empire.

Phew. So back to the topic at hand, if you find me annoying .. don't worry, I'll get back to blogging only about football real soon.

    Oh yeah another issue is the ongoing apostacy faith whateva whateva. I want to snipe at one angle, most muslims don't have balls, they're insecure, plain dumb, you lack a lot of faith if you require anyone straying from Islam to only refer back to Islam, if you have so much faith in your own beliefs, you won't be such a coward, if you have so much faith, you won't mind that particular kafirun alrejamun bulu jembutun exploring everything cause the strength of what you believe in -- is enough. It's like love, one day you get this call from this girl you have a relationship saying she wants something different, if you're an arsehole you'll force her to be with you, if you have faith in love what is there to be afraid of? and if she leaves you for a rempit, there's no need to cut her arms and legs off, scrape her eyes out with a spoon then burn her slowly on a stove, that's what fucking cowards do, have a soup, and have some fucking balls you fuck.

    Malays like to use this phrase "BERANI KERANA BENAR", which translated literally means brave because you're right. Malays don't like to practice it. I'm glad I'm Welsh that's all there is to say. I know there's a need to point out certain things or defend your faith, but at the same time, there's no need to be a fucking NAZI, just face is, majority of muslims are fucking arseholes, is it any surprise people start to look down on muslims? no it's not a fucking western propaganda .. on second thoughts maybe it is and if the western propaganda is a vechile you hopeless fucks are the fuel. Muslims are not going to stray far from the disease we call organized religion, the most vile contamination, AIDS ain't got shit on organized religion, AIDS = Starscream, organized religion = Galvatron, and I'm Soundwave, I love that ninja cassette player dude. Anyway, I repeat, a majority of muslims are either nazi arseholes or nazi douchebags, CHECK YO'SELF B4 U WRECK YO'SELF. Gangsta rappers have all the wisdom. Peace.

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