Friday, May 29, 2009

shoplifters of the world unite

what's it all about, alfie? how is it not loathsome that i pushed myself into the black hole and then have the audacity to complain about darkness. i finally figured out where i put my green torchlight. how is it possible that i am flying out of me and not roaming around seeking out topless ladies in their own private spaces. you could float around space going from star to star but you just can't ignore the beauty of the obnoxiously glaring sun. like a moth attracted to light, rather a moth attracted to reflection of light, that's one sinking moth i'll tell ya. that's one sinking, deteriorating moth. can't you tell between light and reflection, maybe a bee could, but a moth couldn't. the moth is too one-way and simple minded. frogs can jump and jump and jump, but frogs can't smile. why is it that frogs can't smile, are they really miserable or are they actually capable but have a different way of going at it. different set of muscles i guess. the sky can hide the sun but it can't hide the sunlight. if you have fluorescent teeth your lips are being outshone. why is it that some things will haunt you like the memory of that first time you hurt a human close to you. i walked around with a limp and i didn't feel cool at all, maybe i needed a walking stick. dear mankind, i did not sleep last night, the foot hurt too much, it was too much of a distraction. i tried to sleep but i just can't, i need to go to a meeting, simply cause i love driving to it. so i drove out early to get some painkillers. it killed the pain i needed to kill, but it could never kill the pain i want gone. why can't frogs smile? i think about all this and many more right before trying to sleep a sleepless sleep. i try not to think about all this while wanking. cause wanking needs all the imagination and concentration i'm capable of. if only this much energy was focused on achieving things like exploring space and buttsexing aliens. wouldn't everything be something that could be used for something better. cause if we were too satisfied we wouldn't have culture.

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