Thursday, May 21, 2009

grooving when we meet

dear blog,

i am still wide awake, but my eyes are as blurry as fuck. actually i could easily sleep but i can't cause i just ate a not so heavy but feels heavy and SATISFYING AS FUCK breakfast. i can't tell you what it is. so since i jaga badan you i refuse to go back to sleep, the old penyangak would slap me silly and point at me while shouting at everyone else EVERYBODY LOOK HERE STANDS A FAGGETY FAG. so what you who is also me, i am a bimbo and i like it this way. right now i'm on the pc doing "research", what research? you don't need to know you busybody piece of shit, unless if your busy body is a hot female bod i won't use piece of shit on you, instead i'll use a piece of my shit. ha ha ha ha. no.

what the fuck am i gonna do today. i'm gonna service my badass v70 turbo. yeah it's been idle there for a long time, it needs to get back. it is my mobile of love, self-love, at least. but first i gotta clean him up. wait it's a him? yeah it's a him. usually cats have female cars and they treat their cars like they girlfriends too. not this piece of shit human that is me. i treat my darling like a him, i never wash or polish him with my own hands, infact he washes himself with the fucking water that falls from the sky or by the hands of a slave FUCKING BADASS!

so i need to get him running optimum by the time i get back from singapore so i can get my straightforward simple life back as he is the center of it for no reason i can recall right now. whatever it is his name is probably clint eastwood. he can speed up in a second and blow gas at those poyo fuckers thinking i can't call them on they slow ass shitty fucking shit. yeargkh.

back to research. research is good. know everything that's needed to be known and you shall be the biggest badassest robot with an arm made of a million laser machine guns spewing anti matter bullets. know enough and you can soothe yourself. the unknown is your true enemy. no enemy can truly hurt you when you know shit. research muthafuckah, this research i just did is therapy. now i am ready to cut open a sky-sized ufo from fucking space with a katana pulled off a guitar exactly like guitar wolf LOCK AND LAWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

thank myself for deciding to know more. that's what got me achieving some things, i should have known it would help me go through every shit i need to go through. nahmean. and then. i'm probably gonna take a taxi to a shopping mall. i haven't walked pointlessly around a pj-ish shopping mall for almost a month. yeah. that's probably what i should do around this afternoon, maybe. and then go back home. take the temporary car, and go to the gym. i just did last night but fuck it. torture is good, torture yourself, it keeps my mind off things and shit. it's physically pointless when you're walking towards nowhere and lifting only to put it back down but it makes me feel good so it's what, mentally not pointless? waukhgukaeukhkuga. what the fuck. fuck it. i will refine and refine this robotics of mine up to the point of perfection that cannot be reached by other loser robots. i won't run on oil or electricity or shit i run from the energy of the word fuck. FUCK. so fucking fine will this robotic of mine bla bla bla FUCK YEAH. you will want to show your insides and know my insides and lucky for you my well oiled machinery will open up easily oh yeah FUCK YEAH FUCKEDY FUCK YEAH.

the knowledge i have gained has rendered me free from the clutches of mankind. i am back to the cyborg that i was. a giant cyborg with a cock the size of a car to make up for the actual size of my dick, arms with a million machine guns with antimatter bullets (i've mentioned this homie), legs made of what, i dunno i'm just buzzing right now i can't think wait maybe legs made of TELEPORT waukhgekahukga. that's cool. and also i have a massive amount of excess skin that could charm you into loving me simply cause i'm cute and nice. and young. wahugekahkhuga. look at my school pictures homies i look younger than that. like seriously dukes check out my school pictures I LOOK YOUNGER THAN WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL NOW, DUNNY. bitch don't fuckin' mess with my fountain of youth game like fuhreeel.

alright. see yawl imaginary readers later i might have more to type. but for now i must start my day...


your favourite poster,
an emotionless/pointless cyborg with arms made out of a million machine guns with anti matter bullets

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