Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fucken a, kid

i could give a fuck about everything my body is giving a fuck about without giving a fuck about a fuck at all, basically i could give a fuck about fuck all but still give a fuck about all fuck. obsessing over something without being obsessive at least not in the tangible sense. clint eastwood once said "i'll blow a hole in your face then go inside and sleep like a baby". if i could blow a hole let it be a cute vagina that is so cute i would recite that vagina is sooo fahken cute in my head repeatedly while blowing it. how about that for multitasking. jeff once said all us men have in our heads is the word "breasts" on a loop. that is the most rightest theory ever conceived by a sheep shagger. mind you i'm a sheep shagger myself, we pronounce breast with an extra r and a tinge of g. bgrrrgheast. as if we're struggling to speak. what we're doing is merely milking the pronunciation of a word that represents one of the most beautiful invention ever by our creator which sits amongst the most beautiful things ever in humankind history - female genitalia? anatomy?. i don't know, as far as i know nothing really compares, not even a lamborghini. i'm not one for low-built sports cars anyway, i prefer a car that drives itself.

i cannot keep my cool too much, i might burst into a fucking black hole. i'm such a fucking losah. fucking loser. you fucking fuck of a loser. argkh. i didn't used to be a loser, i used to be just someone prepping up to be a loser, which is still pretty much a loser, way bigger of a loser than an actual loser because you know you're about to become a loser and yet you're still succumbing to it like a wet daffodil getting willingly buttfucked by a heavy breathing disgustingly grunting water buffalo. as if it was the most natural thing to do. which it is not. it's like reacting angrily to jessica alba offering you both her nipples for you to dampen with your unholy techniques of mammary suckage.

whenever i can't sleep or refuse to sleep i just think and think and think about things that are never gonna fucking happen. why do i do this, is it because i'm a hopeless dreamer. ever known a dreamer who's not hopeless, me neither. but all i have to say for myself is that sometimes when you're too used to wanking with your butt to the ground it'll be refreshing to wank standing up. shout fuck yeah and get that load out. get it all out. getting it all out can only fulfill the needs of a part of the brain and sometimes no part of the heart at all so how can it be useful. only as a distraction. shout fuck yeah! or wordlessly (and badassedly) growl if you're clint eastwood, or roscharch. anybody wanna introduce my growl to the cute vagina, or should i do it myself.

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