Thursday, May 28, 2009

do ya ka sha

it's 1am and i'm still at home. what the fuck. i have been gradually losing interest in football ever since last season although i still have like some small feeling it's like i dunno man this happens to almost everyone - will either move to golf or f1. the fuck man. it's okay though. but i love football, it's simple, it's very fun to play, it's just i don't know, i prefer pussy. wahugekahkuga. no i keed i don't i've never played that before haha. anyway whatever it is i'm still gonna watch tonight's game, football is such a beautiful cunt.

and uh my feet fucking hurts like shit. is why i might not go out (but i might i dunno it's still early). it hurts like shit the whole day and me being the fucking idiot i am i fucking ran in the fucking park like the fucking idiot i am and i thought that cured it, yeah listen to clint eastwood just listen to him again, that old man just wants to make you suffer. i think it has worsened now. thank you clint eastwood, thank you, you just know that ending your sentences with "pusscake" will do it for me, that will provoke me won't it. what the fuck is it about this word. it's just that you know i just hate being called something that i'm not, mr. clint eastwood i'm just not a fucking cake!

four fingers up twisted in the middddd, WESTSIDE.

look man, my jetlag has gone, and now i can probably stop cursing everybody (myself, actually) and start living normal again. yesterday i slept like a bitch. the day before i slept like a baby (although i did not blow a hole in someone's head). fuh. it's all science. and i'm back to sweating, i haven't been sweating on steady for a while now. for about 3-4 days i've been back to sweating cause homie i need to lose this junk, i don't know why but i just need to, things like this makes me happy nowadays. i tell myself if me from the past encounters a time machine and meet me right now he'll be like what the fuck is wrong with you future me you fucking pussy cunt! *smacks the shit out of me*...................anyway thanks for doing this though cause at the rate i'm going i'm killing my fucking self, despite being beautifuler than you are...faggot.........but you know....for in a way saving my life...thanks...:) ........................faggot *poof*.

oh yeah i just cancelled joining boys night in, this really hurts my foot i need some house painkiller type action.

anyway good luck you footbally cunts.

here's a badass song for ya ass:

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