Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Static Images - Adulthood - Static Images - Inburst

Listening continuously to The Clash's train in vain, did you stand by me? no not at alllllll, did you stand by me? noo wayy lalala. I dedicate the song to this girl I hate and love, I don't know much about you or me about you, you live near the zoo. I dedicate me listening to the song to this other girl who likes this song too, I don't know much about you or me about you, you live near nothing. I dedicate me blogging to this girl who is like my big sister, although if she really was I would've touched the big knockers by now. I don't know. Wkahgeugawkuhga.

I finally watched Mukhsin, a film made by someone people say is not really a women, thus is hated by everyone cause she's/he's a heathen and will be burned in hell by devils and such. What a pity, she's quite a good filmmaker. However I always delay watching her movies, well at least I have the interest, right. I've missed a lot of independent local movies which got attention outside this country but fuck all here cause they don't have some dude wearing a bandana riding a harley. They didn't have a bunch of people talking in funny malay accents + vocabulary that everyone ditched outside bm classes either.

I watched Sepet on a very bad vcd, yet managed to enjoy it. I watched Gubra in the airplane, enjoyed it too. I love storylines but these films don't really have much of a storyline - I can still dig it. It's more about a place, situations, characters. Some films are like that, they are still enjoyable. I could even say this particular director is like our (malay people) very own Spike Lee albeit a more subtle and minimalist version. Like a lot of good malay directors, there's a lotta fucked up shit about our race affecting her.

The films are to me basically comedy. They're funny. Not the sort of dumbfucking humour you get in generic malay films, it's the sort of humour probably extracted from your funny malay uncle or something. The funnies are so familiar and endearing.

Oh yeah I enjoyed Mukhsin too. Like I said, no interesting storyline, just a place, situations, characters. Kinda like League of Gentlemen. Haha. Not a good comparison but whateva. It's kinda like this other movie I watched last year - I think it was titled My First Love or suttin'. A thai movie, I liked the indo dubbed version prolly cause'a'tha familiarity. But My First Love was way more emotional, I pissed my eye. The big similarity was it reminded me of my own childhood. This entry is basically an excuse to reminisce a bit about my childhood. This is the story of my childhood (read in a narrative manner - pan inspirational hip hop music ala wu tang clan. haha). Enter opening credits. End opening credits. Start the shit..

Most of my childhood was spent in a residence nearby Seremban town (My grandparents' house and also my parents' old house nearby). It was a magical place. Irony. It was situated in between a golf course and a small kampung with wooden houses and shit. I did everything they did in Mukhsin and more. But because of the half modern half kampung shit going on you could say I basically played galah panjang one day, stole golf balls the other. Climbed rambutan trees one day, visited my friend who has an "advanced" pc with cool games equipped with photostated walkthroughs the other. Flew my green incredible hulk kite one day, worried my grandma and parents by dissapearing one morning - in my friend's house watching VCR the other. Rode the bicycle everywhere around the kampung and other kampungs one day (one particular journey ended up with me bringing a small plastic aquarium of tadpoles home, idiot), bought by a neighbour to the golf club's swimming pool the other. Haha. You get the idea, bitch.

You could say it was a transition period between old typa childhood and new typa childhood. You still had the creativity and flair of old "seasonal" kid activities, but the modern day shit was looming. You had modern day toys, but not enough to spur you away from the traditional games.

When I was way littler my late grandad spoiled me as I was the first grandchild - which would be the only time I got spoiled as a human thus we had a special bond. I don't remember much but everything recalled by my grandma and my parents who were always there in my life were quite funny. Like how obsessed he would get over everything about me, especially since my parents moved a lot. He fed me good and lied to my mom "alah satu vitagen je sehari", "alah seminggu sekali je kfc mashed potato" - 6 a day, 1 a day. Haha. He would do anything to travel and be where my parents are and if he couldn't would at least send a picture of him and my grandma with my birthday cake. He stayed with me at Kelantan one time where my dad worked as a lecturer. Kubang Kerian turned out to be where me grandad spent his last days. The last breath was beside me, our routine afternoon sleep after doing tiring shit like clearing out the front lawn. Last words were him turning to me before sleeping, muttering I love you so much or something like that, I remembered telling my grandma and parents what he said when I was at that age, but never quite remembered exactly what it was later on in life, my grandma never forgot.

I didn't cry during the funeral, I was quite tough as a kid, I remembered not crying or batting an eyelid when my dad prolly practiced injecting vaccines on me, blood and those whitey liquids spewing everywhere wahgukeaakhga. I remembered not giving a fuck when I was about to be circumcised unlike other kids. Maybe I was a late bloomer in developing emotions, or was just not too good at expressing it. One particular raya, my closest cousin said if grandad was still alive he'd be smoking cigarettes with him (I think only me, him and my sister amongst my cousins got to see him before he died), fuck if he was still alive I would prolly be smoking with them. Outside the nearby 7E. The women are at home watching astro ria sighing with relief that our men's days of renting wrestling vcrs every raya is over or that mamaks show football matches nowadays. Maybe I'll see him in heaven. He is there I'm sure, I'm not sure what type of person he is during most of his life - probably a typical dude from the p. ramlee era where malays are more westernized and not so anal. He likes to go hunting and shit. He had a frozen creature I used to carry on my bike throughout my later childhood scaring random gurlkids (despite occasionally impressing the cuter ones by riding on the bike standing up ala rempit going down hills and nearly being in accidents), that was me not being able to let go of my beloved granddad. Whatever it is I'm sure he's in heaven, if not for him not being evil, for my dad being a very very good son.

His best friend was our neighbour. I've never seen this particular man, he was already gone when I was born. But later on in my childhood his wife became my 3rd grandma (and my mom's best friend - gossip folks). She was a bit strange, she was always happy and smiling. Always knows what to say or do. She was almost like an angel, I'm not being corny I'm serious dawg. I used to go up her house every morning and spent the whole day there. Going home only to devour my grandmas extra sedap cooking. The best days are sundays. In her home watching michael jackson videos. My first favourite pop star. Later on in the day watching movies starring my favourite actor Faizal Hussein. The duller days are weekdays. In her home watching search videos, wondering who isabella is. My only favourite food is ayam merah as far as I can remember. But she made a few things my favourite delicacies - karipap and teh (not tea, those teh that usually nowadays can be found at mamaks). We conversated a lot, you know how kids are, talkative and shit. She was the shiznit! The youngsters (then) and gossiping moms loved to hang out at her house. I loved eavesdropping the moms' gossippings. I hated getting picked on by the youngsters usually her offsprings or neighbours.

Later on in life I started going there less, too macho. But still had her in mind. Always pictured the day I'm married and making my wife meet her. Too late. She's already gone. A few years ago, me in my rented house, peeing my eyes in a sleeping bag avoiding housemates.

I also had another kampung, my mom's side. This was hardcore kampung. Not too far from Seremban - Pedas, but still kampung, hardcore. You can refer to your geography or was it history books it was listed as one of those places with a hot spring. My mom has 12 siblings. Shitloads of cousins, nephews and now grandnephews + grandernephews. Phew. Never met this side's grandad, but he was all that is alpha male I'm sure. Had land everywhere. His main house is a big ass land with houses of three sizes - big, medium and small - now all my mom's as she's the youngest, minang traditions and all (who's laidback so she shares with her sisters or cousins). He was the shit. Back when my fam frequently went back to hometowns I would go there frequently too. Just the weekends. Usually playing army in the sand with my this side's cousin. Just playing around with the other cousins. A lot of drama. But not too involved. There was like so many people in this side's family. But it was a very jolly family with cool nogoghi accents. It was fun. You guys are prolly jealous as fuck with my childhood. It's the shit innit? Haha. Both sides of the family bringing different types of fun. Hahu. Mm. I did get to meet the late grandma of this side though. She's also something, laidback like my mom. Cool as fuck. I've heard cool tales from my mom about both her parents. I didn't know this side's grandma that well though, I was very little when she was around, and still a kid when she died.

Memories. My parents were laidback, my heroes. My sisters are laidback. My whole big extended family, laidback. We had some drama, not that much. But most of us are laidback peoples. I used to annoy them a lot. I'm still annoying as a person. But life after childhood sucks just because you had such a great one. Not fair to all your friends with bad childhood. So life does not suck, except by comparison. Nostalgia is a muthafuckah.

Back to the movie review. This movie, Mukhsin, liked the rest in its trilogy, featured a lotta impossibly too good to be true characters. It's more life than film. Prepare yourself not to watch developments of characters and events over a period of time, but a passive viewing of life somewhere frozen in a period of time. Not just about the love story of two kids, but their parents, neighbours too. The parents, especially, like the older depiction in Sepet, impossibly romantic + funny. This particular family and the maid, is this what malays should generally be? I know this is what some malays are and some malays could be. We are a race not made to be anal. We are made to be laidback. What the fuck happened. Can a film director with a history of heartwarming tales affect at least a few of us? I don't know, fuck you questions. Other than all that I have wrote, I would just like to say, great locations - beautiful, great camerawork.

I remembered reading an opposition's party publication with a religious person dissing Gubra (anutha movie from tranny director if you didn't follow) for promoting "liberal Islam" (whatever this means). Okay whateveah. Then he goes on to use P. Ramlee movies as an example to oppose the idea brought forth by tranny director. Whut? Has RTM been showing P. Ramlee movies without stoners walking around kampungs and shit, jazz artists having a troubled life, gangsters getting drunk, or a muthafucka killing his scandalous wife while she's clad in her undies in the bed? What's up witchu dawg? P. Ramlee was hardcore. He was only human. He was one of the last non anal malays. Smoking ganja plants and shit. P. Ramlee was way more hardcore than tranny or any other directors still with his cool spirit with them. Argh. Should I publish this post? Fuck it.

Maybe the westerners shouldn't have left us too early. I know we're basically still colonised by them, but not culturally, we're culturally fucked. Stuck in between glorifying the wrong and hazy side of Islamic teachings and acquiring the chosen race attitude of the arabs. Sometimes we glorify rules that don't even have a concrete base in Islamic scriptures, yet are quick to dismiss shit that has. What the fuck is wrong with humans. Fucking hell. If nowadays, being laidback requires a bit of sin to you fuckers, maybe a bit of sin is not so bad after all. I'm sorry for the sudden outburst, but living in a fucked up society will do this to you. You can't escape it, in the politicians struggling to speak official b.m clad-news, in the strange accent-slang speaking characters + comedyless slapstick humour + token other races characters promoting plastic diversity + malays living lavishly in stupid love triangles + bla bla bla films, in the cheap sensational headline mongering tabloids, in the one-race specific conversations full of usually disclosed hate, in in in in in jebaow.

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