Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was gardening (wanking) the other day when I got to thinking. If god/chance(if you're a godless heathen) did not create orgasm, sex would be like playing a very good video game on ps2 with a girl or gender/species of your choice.

What would happen? usually when you play a very good game you can go on for hours until one of you gets bored. In certain cases only a few minutes after which the girl would realize she's simply not into it and just leaves you battering away at the beloved gamepad, alone, crying.

In a very hypnotic and enjoyable session you could be at it for days and days, stopping only for a few bites of the old potato chip or a sip of the icy soda. No need for a stop even, some would prefer multi-tasking. Do it keep dooinit until you both plunge into a slight coma.

I won't elaborate further as my train of thought can't travel too far as I'm not a jew.

All I'm saying is if you know my game, we could go on for seasons. And you'll stop only when I say so, beyotch. So if you want to be my game buddy (females only, I'm a PLT = People Like Them), call me at 0127553535.

Just kidding, I'm a virgin, I'm a loser, but damn it if I don't thank god for the big O.

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