Monday, July 10, 2006

A Tribute To ZIZOU

As a tribute to one of the best human to ever lay his kicks on a ball I will synchronize my post with the title, just for you Zizou.

I can just imagine what he's thinking around the 80th minute of his last match evva - "Trezeguet's a slow fuck, we're not gonna win this match, the fucking Italians are gonna defend their balls off and take it to penalties, and they're gonna win cause taking a penalty with Barthez defending the goalpost is no different than taking a penalty with a can of WD-40 placed in between the goalposts, all you need to do is act like you put in effort kicking the ball so as not to offend the skinhead, all's well end's well for them Italians, so I'm gonna be remembered as the fuck who played well but lost to the fucking Italians, I'm not taking this shit"


"Man stop fondling my nipples, piss off, what the fuck you saying? No I don't understand your language, you palm tree fuck stop mumbling, what the fuck are you saying, *Smiling* Can you believe this guy? What the fuck is he bitching about? What a funny sounding language, pizza crafting fuck, I'm not taking this shit..."


"I'm not taking this shit".

"Italy won the World Cup" "What? Whatever, ZIZOU! ZIZOU! ZIZOU!"

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