Friday, July 28, 2006


Just wondering why geckos (Cicaks) in the thrash compartment of my house are always of the coloured kind, while the ones in the house are of the caucasian kind. As the boy of the house I'm always assigned to throw thrash out and everytime I open the door of the thrash place there would always be one or two geckos runnin' away and from my experience since I was a kid, they would always be either of the black or brown coloured ones. Is this some kind of social commentary shit the geckos are pulling on us or are they still practising apartheid. Whatever it is I surely hope their Mandela stays in prison cause as much as I fear geckos, I'd rather only the white ones be inside and the coloured ones, yo, please stay outside, thank you. I'm not being racist, I'm talking about geckos here, hello, I'm brown myself, I bet if I was a gecko I'd scare the shit out of humans. Peace.

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