Monday, September 12, 2005

Life is Beautiful

I was watching this movie Life is Beautiful, paradoxically beautiful and funny movie (did I spell that paradoxwhatever shit right, or even use it right? whatever). But then, at around 20 minutes from the end the cd fucking stopped, unable to read disc, well fuck me princess, but it's a very good movie, I must re-find it. So since I was so dissapointed and tak tahan I had to neutralize myself so dig up the dusty shit and took out a classic movie Blood In Blood Out, planned just to watch a bit to make me happy but ended watching the whole 3 hours, what an emotional movie, still very sad certain scenes allthough I probably watch tis shit bimonthly, like whatever. Peace. Where can I find American Me now.

I do watch a lot of gangster movies, but mexican ones appeal more because I have mexican/spanish blood in me.

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