Saturday, September 10, 2005


I had to wake up early today got some shit to do. Long time no read newspaper one. becks backs sven. Fuck off. What the England footie team needs is a captain who's not a pussy like beckham. Someone who's an asshole, and who would beat the fuck out of beckham for being a pussy then beat the pussy for being a victoria. Someone like bryan robson or david batty namean. Then they need a manager who does not field 10 fucking defenders in a world cup, maybe a manager who has balls to fucking play all out attacking, and if they still want a defensive pussy, maybe someone who's a fucking master tactician, not a dumbass with a funny haircut and ugly spectacles, and an annoying name, and from a country that breeds dumbfuck black metal kids who paint their faces like it's a fucking funfair and think it's grim. Fuck off.

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