Friday, May 20, 2005


Innuendo - belaian jiwa

Now I remember. I was picking up my sister from school, this day was quite hectic, loads of cars, so many children. I was listening to my cds on the changer, then came the intro for the Sympozium song by dimmu, you know the fucking haunting chaotic organs playing amongst the heavy guitars and drums, right at that very moment as I was waiting in the traffic jam, I glazed at the waiting place for the kids, and BOW, teeee neee nee neeeee, tak faham ke? Argh uhk, it was like the music and the fucking scene just matched, bulu aku naik sial. Wahkrhkahkga. It's like chaos, disorder, it's like those kids were zombies, hahaha, prowling around, chaos chaos TEEEE NE NEEEE NE NEEEE. Okay lah, korang mesti tak faham, aku pun tak gheti nak cerita sampai faham. Peace.

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