Sunday, May 22, 2005

Revenge of the Shit

I don't normally blog after my team lose a match. But ironically, I'm doing so, after losing a cup final! Yes we lost to Arsenal, but I wasn't too sad (This from someone who just silenced his cellphone), I felt satisfied because we played very well, it was a very good match, and we played very very well, everyone tried very hard, Arsenal was totally totally outplayed, but oh well. Arsenal can have the cup, I'll give Man Utd, the respect.

Okay here we go, I watched Revenge of the Sith, and honestly, it sucked. It's better than the first two, but I'm not looking at it at that perspective, it still sucked. The world Lucas created is amazing, but all that's left is potential, and the Star Wars prequels I conclude, doesn't fulfill that potential one bit. Everyone was acting like they were from a stupid reality show called Laguna Beach, I couldn't be entertained by any character from the movie at all even ones from the originals. The dialogues were just too poor, either that or badly executed, but I just didn't feel anything throughout the movie, I just wanted to see what happen, maybe oogle at the CGs, and then get out of there. That's it. I'm pretty sure it's not the actors' faults, cause they were very talented, I don't know what was wrong. I came home, and dug into my cd collection and put on A New Hope, and yeah, only the first few scenes, I laughed, I realized exactly why Revenge of the Sith and the prequels suck. It's not a prequel-hating stereotype I'm running, it's just simply that, the prequels, actually, really sucked. Revenge of the Sith was good only because it made me look forward to the sequels, to liberate me from all these characterless nonsense. I can't say so for a lot of other people, it's been getting good reviews. But for me personally, it sucked, yes the CG's are good, but somehow I'm not buying that shit easily, plus I've seen CG's being done more justice in LOTR and as beautiful. And yeah, I'm not too into mindless action, so without character, superb acting, mean dialogues, humour (And yeah without most of these, the storyline will be fucked as well, there's no emotion supporting it) etc, a movie can just fuck off. "I find your lack of faith disturbing" - Darth Vader (From the A New Hope, mind you).

Right before going to the cinema, I watched a real mean-ass movie, The Boondock Saints, it RULES! Yeah, I liked it very much. Creatively filmed, the acting was real good, especially from Willem DaFoe who is a faggot but hard-ass FBI cop, he took the role and played it gracefully. It's basically about two Irish-American brothers who got into a situation with a bunch of mobsters, and find themselves with a lotta cash, and weapons. They're pretty much psycho in a way, since they decided to go out and kill anyone they feel is bad (Mostly mobsters) after that, but they're also very nice charming guys (With a thick but cool sounding irish accent). I don't know, I'll recommend this to anyone, it's the shit. Brilliantly executed, great, great acting, funny, nice dialogues, creative action scenes, no wonder it's a cult movie.

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