Thursday, May 05, 2011

some shit i watched

haven't written in a while so don't think i can recall everything i watched anymore especially those in the cinema so disclaimer alert i might miss some and another disclaimer alert for myself nobody gives a fuck. i think i might watch fast 5 tomorrow since the rock is in it and it's one of those type of movies you just enjoy watching on the big screen. i also haven't figured out whether i should write reviews in past or present tense or a chaotic mish-mash of both which i sometimes gracefully succumb to but fuck that here goes nothing:

the commitments
some days i randomly nostalgialize the 90s or the 80s and i would download a movie from that era i haven't watched yet. this is from 1991.

the movie focuses on and around jimmy rabbitte who won't rest until soul is properly represented in ireland regardless of whether everyone else share his passion for it "do you not get it, lads? the irish are the blacks of europe. and dubliners are the blacks of ireland. and the northside dubliners are the blacks of dublin. so say it once, say it loud: i’m black and i’m proud!"

with stone cold determination he sets with a newspaper ad and around his (hilariously ghetto - playtime = kids throwing rocks at walls) neighbourhood to gather more than a few misfits, form a working class dublin soul band, and somehow manage them to success. or not. it's not really about the progression of the band, it's all about the culture, the characters, and the humour surrounding it.

this film has a shitload of those.

my favourite part about the movie is the humour of course, it's swift and doesn't pause for laughter. i had to, many times, though

quite an enjoyable blockbuster akin to iron man which started the whole foreplay for the avengers movie (and its sequel hinting at this movie). i thought the casting was done really well, prime example being the son of odin himself, hot as fuck, with a muscular build sculpted by the otherworldly heat that shaped diamonds in outer space and a face fit for the heaviest of viking helmets.

the others were perfect too with my personal favourite being stringer bell (of course.) however natalie portman was pretty boring and thor's whole interaction with the earthlings were pretty dull except for his brief little buddy shit with the professor and that token funny girl. i seriously can't accept his sole reason for having a soft spot for earth was natalie boreman. can't it be something more realistic like say, the internet, or star wars, or japanese game show porn or something. fuck

this was alright. had some good acting from face.  the story was okay, but the film had some cool eye-fucking effects. beats 3d from my perspective

archer (season 2)
pretty much archer, with a new season.

justified (season 1-3)
far be it for me to recommend this to anyone since it's pure indulgence to me so i don't know whether it's good or not but it's basically about a buncha gun-thugs and a buncha lawful gun-thugs. be that as it may, i just have a thing for timothy olyphant

fringe (season 1-3)
someone recommended this on my blog ages ago but i didn't check it out. glad i didn't cause now i get 3 seasons to watch (with the finale coming out tomorrow i think.)

it's pretty much filled with made-up *troll face* problem science? science, lazy-writing, macguyver-like convenience sprawled all around - "let me do this" *does this* *everyone stares* "oh i just happen to take astrophysics with biometric and chemical therapy as a minor back in art school" , needless plot-extending, keanu acting etc etc etc... and i enjoy it.

it has lieutenant cedric daniels playing well, lieutenant cedric daniels with his badass everything and robocop walk. and walter who is always high, gets names wrong, and food cravings while dissecting alien squid monsters. *puts his hand in goo* "oh astro!" "yes" "you know what would be delightful?" "err, nothing that i could think of given a bleeding predator is drooling his molten shit on the fucking table" "goreng pisang... hot, goreng, pisang... mmm" "..."

miranda (season 1-2)
nice little british sitcom about a giant woman with some funny sub-characters in her life. great thing to just chill and watch for some instant entertainment. such fun! © miranda's mother

the troll hunter
a movie about some kids trailing a bear hunter who turns out to be hunting something else entirely. dry norwegian comedy here and there with stone-faced references to local folk-lores in abundance. i think they did a good job with the cg the trolls looked like they were actual

brilliant. johny depp and co did a good job with the voice over. the whole thing is sick though, the animation was beautiful i thought , the story expertly and un-heavyhandedly weaving in references to craft a masterpiece in its own right. not forgetting, a cameo by timothy olyphant

i'm number four
i think i enjoyed this trashy-teen action/horror flick. it's pretty shite but it's reminiscent of some of those trashy-teen action/horror flick from the late 90's which were, shite, but still, sometimes, quite enjoyable. i just can't explain it, i have no idea why i somehow enjoyed it. by the way, the guardian of the alien boy was played by timothy olyphant

sucker punch
boring shit. it was like watching a shitty SLOW MOTION emo music video IN SLOW MOTION of loathsome remakes of otherwise good songs, IN SLOW MOTION


Anoneemus™ said...

You should watch Haq the movie.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I cannot stop quoting Archer IRL. I just can't. Macam Tourette's, but Archer.

Also, get started on HBO's War Triad:

Band of Brothers
The Pacific
Generation Kill

So fucking awesome brah, I ain't even mad.

Also I'm gonna start on Justified next week. Working on Doctor Who now.

penyelamat dunia said...

haha do you quote it in his vocal tone too? lols

i watched a bit of generation kill some time ago. but i dunno why i haven't finished any of hbo's army shit. maybe one day. my attention span is horrible.