Sunday, September 04, 2011

what i think of mat sabu, our pm najib razak, and bersih rally

mat sabu. if i had went to his open house during raya i would be intimidated by him. he just has this no nonsense disapproving uncle look about him. he looks like he owns a rifle and knows how to steer a boat. he wouldn't look awkward in a cowboy hat. he looks like he knows how to rear macho goats. he looks like he's constantly judging you and the rate of judgement escalates alarmingly the nearer you get to shaking his hands.

our beloved pm has supple lips. when he was the education minister back in the days i used to judge him because of the lips. what i didn't realize was i had almost the same type of lips. i always thought i had malay lips but no my lips are niggah lips. and i am proud of it! i love it tbh. back to the pm, yeah he has obscenely distracting lips.

i'm scared of his wife. did y'all see the raya speech? on the left side of her there were fire from those raya pelitas and she did not budge one bit. she is a stone cold terminator. if ever her presence in real life is beheld by yours truly i would run oppositiously flailing and screaming as if the morphing of a giant tadpole to a giant frog about to slimage my city is approaching.

and now for a short review break. GAME OF THRONES IS THE BEST THING EVAR!

the bersih rally stirred a few cockles and cunts when it happened a few months ago. what did i think of it? well i thought it was bullshit. we are not a communist country like the stinking u.s.a., we can't have the population having opinions. i envy democratic countries like north korea where the people obey their leader, i think we're almost there though, our media outlets are already obedient enough like the n. korea ones. now all we need is better news, in the next election any voteage loss incurred by the ruling government must be attributed by the media to the opposition conspiring with the election comission to cheat their way though, and heavy rain.

say what you will about those in disagreement with bersih but at least we are individuals with valid unique opinions. i had talked to a few youngsters who didn't like the idea of bersih. all of them had something fresh to say on why the bersih rally is bullshit, none of them repeated what was brought up non-stop by the newspapers or the tv. in fact i can't recall anyone ever bringing up the "businesses in the city will be affected" or "riot" angle played out by our respected medias. they all had their own distinctive voices. this is why i have so much faith in our youth.


junkfood said...

rage against the machine

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