Monday, February 28, 2011

set out in the dark, we used to do it out on the park

recently, hip hop has been getting really interesting. this is partly due to the influx of musicians plainly going fuck it and just releasing music, making videos etc. regardless of the market, the industry, or records deals and ultimately getting great response. in most instances, we have youtube and social media to thank for this power of instant publicity granted to a lot of promising talents who deserve it. enough text though, i'm just gonna lay out some shit that got me thinking i'm gonna be an active fan again, i'm gonna step my been-lackluster listening game up and religiously check out for the newest joints again. play along if you're interested in hip hop.

we'll start with the latest hype to hit the mainstream in just one punkish live show:

these guys are okay, but my favorite member from their crew is the infectious (and mysteriously absent) earl sweatshirt whose video went viral and sparked the initial attention towards his crew:

but my favorite out of all the upcoming emcees must be curren$y with the backing of legendary new york producer ski beatz. i listen to this song everyday on the way to work, keeps me chillaxed:

there's also waka flocka flame who with the backing of badass producer lex luger makes fucking gangsta-crunk adlib-booming foes-blasting BOW BOW BOW BOW fuck yeah music:

how about yelawolf, that alabama twang and some indian-american blood equals good shit:

das racist has this one song that i just can't not like, at one point i listened to it almost every hour. the video is too swag:

i just found out about this dude recently. in this particular joint he's got some wu tang shit going on, his delivery is really something:

won't leave out j. cole, some of his songs are pretty hypnotic such as this one (i don't mind drake that much too, but he's pretty big, maybe not that popular in here yet but in the states he is very big):

lil b is not bad too:

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