Friday, October 02, 2009

pelan tapi pasti

you just can't drive through the penchala link tunnel with guitar wolf's jet generation blaring on your speakers.

this song is from a band that brought jamming studio (non)ethics into a recording studio and onto a record. every single distortion every single feedback every instance of fingers and picks arrogating the strings have seized a path into material equipments forcing a full frontal sonic assault into the captivity of recordance.

this is loudness personified, how fitting that loudness is also the name of another legendary japanese band. this is punk rock that stands out amongst other punk rock by simply outlouding the rest.

the point is, when guitar wolf is assaulting and bashing my eardrums, pounding on their respective instruments, screaming awesomely badass and badassedly awesome catchphrases like "LOCK N LOL LICENCSE!" and "JETTU GENERATION!" i can't help but hallucinate that i am speeding away from 100km/hly running zombies.

i can't help but feel the urge to just glide onto the tunnel walls ala men in black and start to half-pipingly drive upside down or leftside right or rightside left say what. ahhh good thing musically-induced narcotics are something you can constantly snap out of... cause i haven't repaired my car's gravity-defier switch yet.

a few contractors were putting up some large paintings on the walls in the staircases. i wonder why when i suggested we put large paintings of naked ladies instead my mom just laughed it off as if my wide-eyed request was understandably ridiculous. mmm, it's probably cause she understands the concepts of decency and morality.

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