Thursday, July 30, 2009


"go easy, step stay free"

i like this quote so much i put it up on my white board. does it have any relevance to me? not really. i can't relate to any part of the song at all. if you do the science on the context of the song, "stay free" probably meant "keep yer arse outta prison will ya bruv".

why do i like the song and that line so much. i feel good whenever i listen to the song, and i get goosebumps most of the time when that particular line comes skying in. for no reason relating to the gist of this sweet punk composition, at all. i just like it cause i like it, it's too plain and simple, really. not that plain and simple could have an extreme for plain and simple simply means plain and simple and that's the only way i could explain this.

people like phrases that make sense and sense of things. i like those that just sound nice to me, myself, and i. it doesn't matter if it waywardly tickles the logic like darth vader ironing a shirt in the middle of the ocean, or if it's not really einsteiny or if it's the opposite of a passage worded like shakespeare's love letters to his favourite bird. as long as the like part of my psyche approves, it's good.

i guess it's because i stand for mostly nothing. and i am as simple as a fucking wall.

i'm not that deep of a person. if i was the sea you could sail through me with your own two feet and only an inch of your pant's bottom tip lifted.

bapap aduduup bappadupdpappa paa pdapdapapdapppa (ella fitzgerald scatting in a louis armstrong voice).

but this also means i'm a fool. an absolute fool. not in control of everything within his own self. well fuck it, if it makes me all smiley let me be a destinationless speck of dust floating with the randomity of an infinite amountation of mathematical equations tossed in by aliens from different planets of different galaxies to merge together and disperse distinctively all at the same time, in outer bollocking space.

let me burn myself with the atmosphere, let me be that endless bottomless infinitar lavendar jelly ordering a parade of its veiled bouquet all around your angelic subsistence. let it be that i ask and expect, of and from, you, nothing but a tinge of made, if not your day, your hour, if not your hour, your minute, or a second, even if just a milisecond made, and my essentia will be more than answered for.


anyway, now i will go and play basketball with the tosai masala and ayam tandoori and teh tiga layer still lingering in my tummy. although i did take a good warm shit to spew some load off. oh well i will still have to go and strain my quads, anything to keep myself hawt. wahukuhkga. smile baby smile.


magenta said...

"...only 2.54cm of your pant's bottom tip lifted"

penyelamat dunia said...

oh ha'ah ek. patut 5 inci. sama length dengan saya punya err haha.