Thursday, April 02, 2009

and now it's kinda funny

fuck me i'm so boring. again, not bored, boring. i'm boring myself out. that's why i can't blog. i don't even dream nasty things anymore. although last night i beat a kid up for sprinkling some water on my forehead. i thought it was poison, i travelled so far in a flying car to the professor, he said it was just a stain, the kid probably sprinkled stain on my forehead to embarrass me. so went back and showed him what's up you don't ever sprinkle stain to embarrass me dunny, get up get bucked get beat the fuck up. we had thor on our team and he's in giant mode, kinda like dr. manhattan when he super sizes himself. we can't lose with thor on our team because in this made up universe thor is an immortal and if you kill him he'll just fly back from the afterlife to life and fuck your whole shit up for real. but their team has the highlander, okay he's immortal too but if i cut his head up he's gone, he's only immortal in the sense that he can live forever unless if he's killed, which basically means he can't really live forever, but he could. are you getting all this clear. btw here is a picture i snapped while peeking in the toilet, I SAW DR. MANHATTAN TAKING A SHIT:

what a sight. Except he's THE fucking mutant, he does not need to take a shit. maybe he's just sitting down enjoying a gaping hole below his anus. you don't get that everyday if you don't shit everyday or if you don't sit on the toilet bowl for no reason everyday. i mean have you ever tried wanking while sitting on the toilet bowl, if you haven't you should try it. email me the results. i think i've tried it once, there was a foreign sensation that differs from the norm. you know what, i actually have to be somewhere else right now, maybe we can continue this later. oh by the way, what should i eat today? same old same old or different new different new. mmm. okay i'll be buck aight.


NeEM™ of Suicide Park said...

Wanking on a toilet bowl? well, aku tak faham. sama dgn kenapa isap rokok sambil berak.apa pleasure yg dapat dlm keadaan mcm tu?

penyangak said...

merokok tu aku tak tahu ah tapi kalau bawah buntut ada lubang cam best sket kowt, lagi best kalau ada vakum whakuhukgea.