Friday, March 12, 2004

Dj Krush

I think I've never had crushes anymore since I was 22, which was my first love. Until now, dah lama takde crush. And I don't think I'll ever experience it again though who knows, right? So let's just say I'm kinda mm terpikat jugak lah with this one girl in this handphone shop, woahhhhhhhh! She's chinese, but has a malay look, quite tall, always wear kebaya, not sexy, I don't have any idea why, but that's what distinguishes her from all the other sexy ah girls nahmean, fuhooooo. Not that this is relevant with anything, just that baru tadi I went to buy credits there, I always buy credits there, because it's close to the atm (yarrright). Aight that's all for now. Peace. Oh wait, there's another lawak edah here :- Eh tanak letak sini lah, letak atas. Ohhhhhhh aku nak cerita pasal jon paul thomas, dia lepas dohhhhhhh american idol, tempat ke-last tuh, mamat nih cam sial, masa sebelum atau lepas perform ke muka sedih skema je, sekali dah menang macam cibai muka mata terbeliak terkejut pastu macam beruk doh. Wakrhahkghkga, pastu carik perempuan cun tetek besar peluk pastu buat muka beruk terkejut tengok beruk lain takde kulit lagi. Warhkahkghkghka. Cam cibai. Pasal tuh aku support. Lagi satu..


He's an idiot, there should be a show where people pay to hit the fuck outta that dumbass. No all You dickriders and bandwagon jumpers, he's not funny, he's nothing, he's like a pile of shit, oh wait, he's like nothing, he's like a pile of shit that doesn't exist. Fuck off dumbass. Peace..

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