Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Okay check this. Ex-gf aku bengang dengan ex-bf dia (lelaki yang jadi bf dia lepas clash dengan aku), pasal to her, the guy played her (Fuck I know what really happened), then the guy mula nak baik dengan aku (ex-gf aku cakap cause maybe dia nak korek rahsia kami berdua dulu), the guy is a friend to my friend anyway, and aku bukan jenis nak musuh-musuh, and anyway, aku tak pernah judge the guy, cause to me, he might be innocent, he once explained the shit to me, and I understand, so what lah kan, he's an okay guy, so dia mula nak baik dengan aku, then ex-gf was like, kalau you kawan dengan dia, you have to forget about me, I mean, yeah either him or her lah. I was like, fuck I never had an enemy and I'm not about to start making 'em, so fuck it, aku pun dah tak kesah sangat, it's not like she gives a fuck about me or how much I love her. Fuck it..

Anyway, dengar pasal the rape thingy, mulalah kecoh kat t.v semua (If I hear about a news believe me it's big cause I never gave a fuck about the world). This is typical Malaysia lah, dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah. Forget about it, you can't do shit about it, God gave you RULES for your country, you went for a fucked up human version of rules with the majority based on westernized bullshit, this is what you get. I'm not saying anything, but that's it right, cause a wiseman once said, kalau kita buat benda bukan ikut cara Tuhan tetapkan, jangan harap lah He's gonna help us. If we do it his way, no matter how doubtful or hard it is, fact is, He's gonna help us. Anyway, so at TV3 people were calling right to give pendapat, and the majority started suggesting things like hukuman ikut Al-Quran semua kan, and the hosts were such idiots, don't you realize TV3 is supposed to be a government ass-kissing station, hahaha, and people were calling in, allthough they sound harmless, peep the content idiots, it had "Hudud" spelled all over it.

People will never realize that only God knows what's good for us. Fuck the feeble human mind. Everything laid upon us by God has a reason. Okay I'm gonna stop being a hypocrite now, hahaha, cause swearing is a sin. Hahaha. Peace..

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