Saturday, January 17, 2004

Abang Penyangak Tengah Bengang

So I was in the maybank kawanku thingy right, to withdraw some money. So there was two atm open right, so I was behind this guy right, and he was sooooo fucking slow one, it's like 4-5 people have already settled their shit in the next atm, and I can't move on to the next cause it's quite a line allthough it's moving, what the fuck is this guy doing, my first guess was he was illiterate right, it's like he has to spell out everything before pressing the button in case he gets the shit wrong, C-A, kuh, S-H shhhh, CASH!, W-I weee, argh you get what I mean lah, my second guess was he's a dumbass, once he managed to speel it out CASH WITHDRAWAL, he didn't fucking know what it meant, so he, he sucks lah that's my point, fucker, it's a fucking ATM machine not a daytona usa game you fuck. What an idiot. Good thing the security people came to put in money in the ATM and all of us had to get out and wait, and the dumbass actually walked away, the security guy told us to wait you dumbfuck, see! What an idiot! Arghhhh I'm pissed..

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