Monday, January 17, 2011

some shit i watched

since i don't have much to blog about, otherwise.

btw, beware of spoilers.

louis theroux and the ultra zionists

this was really dope! louie theroux is that dude. it's fun to watch him walk around palestine/israel and just interacting with people. the zionists are arrogant assholes but these type of people are everywhere on all sides, just so happen that they have the backing of big world powers. it's just disheartening watching uniformed armed men do the dance of fucked-upness with kids who throw stones. dude, one second is all it takes for all of this to be nothing, one second, the earth is killed and none of this fucking matters. and dude, your excuse for occupying those lands is god, fair enough, then good luck explaining to him when you face him one day why you had to do all the things you did to get it

a serbian film
extreme? yes, maybe. but not interesting or creepy or wild enough to be entertaining. all in all it was actually very boring. it took a year and a half for the action to finally start, and when it finally starts because of the plot's setup you could just about somehow predict what cluster-shit is about to happen onscreen. or maybe it's just me and my fucked up mind.

misfits (season 1-2)
the skinny loudmouthed guy is quite funny, the quiet geek pretty cool. other than that the story is messy as fuck, not as annoying as heroes but still, messy. the time traveling oh fuck don't get me started on that, it's an endless rage-stamping of butterflies with no effect whatsoever. they're just basically taking a piss into the wormhole of time-space continuum.

season of the witch
great setting, medieval times, horses, robes, dirty gritty everything but this film disappoints. if they were seriously trying to make the whole journey a is-she-a-witch-or-not it's just plain silly and not working because it's way too clear cut that she is, or some kind of other supernatural shit. and to be honest, it was okay until we reach the bizarre out of nowhere ending (i think this is pretty much a solid clue that spoilers will follow) in which an anorexic demon presents itself to the travellers.

this fucking demon could conjure fire out of thin air like nature was his flame thrower yet when confronted by enemies decides to complicate matters and just wake up zombies to attack them instead. idiot. but i understand, if he's been paying attention to shitty movies it's understandable that he was hesitant to reunite mr. ghost rider with flames. and while we're on that subject, nicholas cage disappointed, there was hardly any over acting that could've elevated this movie to at least almost cult-status. hellboy did look like he was taking the piss though.

pretty cool man, and the rock is just badass as a poker-faced badass. however, what really puzzled me was the ending. this movie went pretty much the whole movie utilizing nice looking flashbacks and then decides to fuck it all up in the end by making bad santa hollywoodly explain everything to everyone for no fucking reason. even the guy he was talking to was like, dude, i'm just here for... fuck, TMI dude.

true grit
the dude! man... anyways that young chick is brilliant, so was the dude and matt damon. the dialogue is cool and all but it went by too fast for my snaily-mind so i'm prolly gonna watch this again if it comes out in our cinemas, i saw the trailer before watching season of the witch.

easy a
the girl, she's not as horrible as juno, but still pretty fucking terrible at sarcasm.

my ex - haunted lover
BOOM! it's a puppy BOOM! a vase fell from the table BOOM! it's just the curtains BOOM! wait that last one wasn't a curtain. Fuck man i'm a chicken and all but some horror movies annoy more than they scare.

i pretty much slept through a dragon fight. this was a zero.

fair game
decent movie.

tron legacy
when tron came out, what made it so phenomenal was its concept both premise-wise and aesthetically (something like what inception did last year.) to emulate that, tron legacy would have to uniquely stimulate your imagination and at the same time raise the bar of presentation. but this just rebooted the old shit and used graphics that are impressive but just on par with the rest which hardly stands out. still i was all warmth inside watching the dude do his thing. "you messin' with my zen, mannn"

adnan sempit
pretty dope despite the linear storyline, the dialogue makes up for that. these funny malay dudes should just all come together and do a dialogue-heavy stoner movie p. ramlee style, fuck a plot.

hantu kak limah balik rumah
it was alright. funny in certain parts

harry potter part 1
very dope and really well made. the shots are beautiful. i was never a big harry potter head but i went back home and watched all the other movies. now i can't wait for part 2

the social network
that guy whatever his name is i hated him before this movie, he was good in this, as were the supporting actors. well-made movie

pretty good animated movie

bruce lee
the main dude is way too tall, awkward, and unintense looking to be bruce lee

it's always sunny in philadelphia new season

not as good as the other seasons but some great episodes. i'm just glad i got my sunny fix. my favorite tv series of all time alongside the office (uk)

peep show new season
pretty meh

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