Monday, January 11, 2010

shit i watched

let's get it in.

anugerah juara lagu 24
there were two male contestants from the latest af with ridiculous make up. astro make up team get your make up game up, i coughed a few times from the excess powder and i wasn't even at the venue. see boys during the l'oreal segment cheryl samad mentioned how make up is used to enhance your best features and not to turn your face to raja kapuuur's itu nasihat akak ye anaq-anaq sekalian.

other than bunkface, hujan and yuna and her band, everybody's costumes were stolen from a primary school play set up, real talk. i lost count of how many thumb thacks were used to accessorize the fabrics. btw i wanted that aizat dude to win cause his songs were nice, and so was his singing.

some fuckers from facebook were bitching about how yuna should've won and how the 1malaysia shit was getting played out, yawll are ridic, wgaf stop judging something by anything else other than that shit itself. the song is good, fine, that's it, who gives a fuck if it's manipulating the 1malaysia shit and you're tired of the 1malaysia shit just pay attention to the song you pie penetrators. i'll say this much the classical indian singing didn't go to well with the song but that chinese instrument played by that malay chick was perfect but who cares anyway it doesn't really matter what matters is the song itself and man do i hate these stupid malays.

these are the same twats who probably didn't want to let non-muslims use the arabic word for god, why? cause muslims are weak and refuse to strengthen themselves and are not confident in their own faith therefore would rather blame everything else that could confuse their weak shitfaces. yeah that's right assholes don't refer to the quran and the sunnah when you're making your decision focus on your own insecurities and idiocy and when things don't go your way burn churches cause by your logic if the prophet did not get what he wanted even though his demand can't be supported by his own teachings he would start burning churches right?

this is why the malay race is en route towards extinction and i would gladly denounce myself from being one just to help that cause.

the only solution to this problem is for the malays to acknowledge that they don't really follow the quran instead they actually follow kitab melayu. this will help avoid confusion and since we all know now that malays are against confusion let's settle this once and for all, all under kitab melayu go to this side and all muslims this side. i will dub all of you malaysians but of different faith. that's it fuck it why am i so angry today when i'm not really an angry person, i'm the kind of guy who likes to walk around shopping malls eating cut fruits smiling to myself argh.

new moon
and while i'm on the subject of angst let me review this classic film. i forced my hot latina gf to watch this 'movie' with me and i'll need my whole lifetime to apologize to her for my behaviour that night. i came to the cinema to witness this popular flick with an open mind, i left with the urgency to improve as a person by being more close minded. i've seen a lot of crappy movies and i could easily bear those in fact enjoyed some of 'em but this one, this one, was just wow. i've never been to a horrible high school play but now i can say i've been to the filming of one. i take back all my hate for the cliched bashing of twilight for this shit deserves all the hatred in this earth and every other inhibited planets, fuck this shit deserves hatred from mountains, trees and shit. if we put in neo from the matrix somewhere in this z-grade pissfest he'd win a fucking oscar out of comparison garkh.

a whole fucking bunch of rap battles

my favourite battlers are hollow da don and tiger ty.

oh yeah dizaster too, cause he's like the cartman of this battle shit.

what about dumbfoundead, the funniest battler ever.

oh yeah math hoffa too, his swag is ridiculous.

did i mention tiger ty? cause if you fuck with TIGER TY he'll come through with a TIGER SWIPE!

who else, i dunno, these days i usually check out battles mostly from grind time. sometimes from don't flop, kotd, smack/url and others.

couple's retreat, the hair warriors, muallaf

bodyguards and assassin
see this to witness donnie fucking yen stop a galloping horse with his bare chest.

the princess and the frog
the movie was not bad but there was an old couple getting into a deep conversation throughout the whole movie. i would understand if they were youngins who didn't know better but they looked like they were in their late 30s or 40s. i hope you two had a nice time entertaining the kids who came to the cinema. i am pretty sure those kids bought the princess and the frog tickets with the sole intention of overhearing murmurs from two sources that represent what they would turn out like when they reach adulthood if they along the way fail to develop common fucking ethics.

beautiful but other than that the story, characters and all that shit were crappy. however imagine the possibilities, man. with this technology available to make cgi seem so seamless if applied to something more well-thought out it'd be the dog's bollocks. some dude in an internet forum made a good point that when the new star wars movies came out those were shit but the technology was ingenious and later on lord of the rings came and peter jackson used that shit way better so i'm hoping those fuckers that brought that smurf world to life would work for some other dude who could bring justice to that shit aight, word word.

did you hear about the morgans
we went to the alamanda mall, and i liked the food court. more nasi campur stalls should provide nasi dagang as an option. and giant begedils must be made mandatory for every food court ever, so one utama i'm looking at you with one eyebrow lifted. oh yeah the movie, it was okay, hugh grant had some funny lines but it seemed like the scriptwriters decided that those were going to be the only highlights of their script so they barred the other onscreen characters from reacting tastefully cause they decided that nobody wants to see actors engaging in colorful exchanges that would brighten up the dialogues and ultimately make for a more engrossing film. oh yeah the sergeant from the wire, and the stranger from the big lebowski were sighted, it's heartwarming to see people from some of my favorite shit making some dough.

sherlock holmes
got bored pretty fast, some nice shit earlier. i've never seen any sherlock holmes adaptation other than house m.d., and i've never read the books so i guess using that to judge this shit it was okay but house m.d. is still the best dude to play sherlock holmes so far. the movie itself while directed by guy ritchie i don't know it didn't have enough coolness like his older shit, needed more cockneyness i guess. mah gurl who read the books thought robert downey jr. didn't fit the role too well and it should be someone more poker facey and more britishy i think, in fact judd law himself who was watson would've made a better sherlock holmes. and facebookers stop hitting me with pillows!, i once went to an old friend who i have been out of contact with for years and started hitting him with pillows, he wasn't amused. and i was guessing he was not amused because that shit is annoying and i couldn't help but to not disagree!

the thick of it and in the loop
brilliant! every character was funny and lovable and i had to rewind so many times cause the dialogues were delivered so swiftly yet so full of hilarious awesomeness. imagine house m.d. but instead of just one person having all the good lines everyone does. and just like house m.d. i don't know what the fuck is going on especially when i'm clueless about british politics but i don't really give a fuck i'm just enjoying the ride.


funny people
for a movie that had the holy trinity of annoyance - adam sandler, seth rogen, and mini seth rogen, it wasn't bad at all.

curb your enthusiasm new season
dope shit, seinfeld reunion, larry david's chemistry with jerry seinfeld = priceless. and don't forget leon!

entourage new season
okay lah.

it's always sunny in philadelphia new season
HILARIOUS. as i've said before, god bless mental white people.

house m.d.
it's house, watchu expect haha.

500 days of summer
boring crap. nice chick at the end though. but fuck me if this movie wasn't made just to activate the twattiness of indie-twats so they could feel superior to the regular people who didn't get the 'the smiths' references. well guess what i wear baggy pants and wu tang t-shirts but i got the references perfectly, i even know most of the songs in the soundtrack, and yeah well basically i got it but so fucking what? that stupid ipod in the elevator scene was pure wankery, if you thought that scene was adorable then picture yourself wanking to a picture of yourself and replace it with that scene and it wouldn't make a single raindrop of a difference argkh i'm so full of hate for indie faggots graaaaaaaaawgkh. i love indie music btw. however my point is, this movie is boring.

peep show new season
okay, not as great as previous seasons

sin nombre
when it comes to me, you can't go wrong with latino gangsters, however this movie is more than that it was quite i dunno, quiet heart wrenching, i think that's the word, yeah quite feely feely heart-touchy. nice. and it was kinda breathtakingly beautiful to to see from the perspective of immigrants who travel by riding illegally on train roofs.

observe and report
not bad.

whatever works
okay lah, very return to annie hally shit from woody allen (i think my assessment is quite right, i don't know i'm not a very meticulous film geek).

i'm currently tryna finish the new bad lieutenant movie and quite a few other shits, i also haven't been able to finish city of men (city of god spinoff tv series) and veronica mars yet. catch yawll latuh.


magenta said...

best reviews ever. i especially like this one-

couple's retreat, the hair warriors, muallaf

Ingrid Dients said...

I thought Robert Downey Jr's character is too Housey. Felt a bit disappointed and annoyed with him. Sherlock is the original Sherlock, House is the copycat, but now you got Sherlock copying House, and that's just stupid. And what's with Sherlock spewing out 21st century words like "data, data, data!"? Now I know I'm watching a movie when I pay good money to go to a cinema so that I'll feel it's all real.

Avatar-dig the colour palettes and I understand why it made thousands of people want to commit suicide. Bt the plot has been done to death.

Ingrid Dients said...

Btw, Veronica Mars FTW!

Haha. I just learned how to use FTW in a sentence.

penyelamat dunia said...

magenta - yeah i had to dig deep into my intellect and film knowledge to come up with that highly extensive review.

ingrid dients - i thought house was like that cause he was basically playing a modern sherlock holmes since the series itself was highly inspired by sherlock holmes from the methods of diagnosing and all the references to elements or characters in the book. i guess you could say the movie which was about the original sherlock holmes was influenced by a modern slightly modified portrayal of sherlock holmes which was inspired by the original sherlock holmes wait that's exactly what you said but yeah might as well just use house cause only he can pull that shit off, or simply someone british and pokerfacy and can pull off irony without being all american and non-slick about it.

i don't really notice those unrealistic dialogues in sherlock holmes i guess i'm not much of a picknitter and as long as the shit is good shit like that don't matter to an oblivious dude like me but if it ain't good it ain't good even if their scriptwriters were full of ocd.

yeah that's right about avatar, i mean no idea is original but at least they could've added a better twist or at least interesting dialogues or characters and shit like that.

Ingrid Dients said...

sherlock-yeah, House was based on Holmes, but he gave it a nice new spin. I've read almost all Arthur Conan Doyle's works and all in the Sherlock series, and am very familiar with the character and idiosyncrasies of opium-addicted Holmes, so every deviation or enhancement was glaring. Yeah, they should've cast House. The role was made for him.

avatar-i cried anyway watching it, but that's probably because I'm hormonal.