Monday, June 01, 2009

memories of life

this happened before the month of may. i saw a big dog lying just outside my driveway. it wasn't moving, it was early night so i wasn't sure. i needed to go out so this dog better get out of the way. i cautiously walked towards it to get a better view. no it was not a dog, it could be a big pile of shit, maybe a potty-untrained elephant passed by my street. me being the chicken that i am i just couldn't go too near so i still wasn't sure. shit, it might be an alien corpse, if it was i could probably check it out up close but who am i to say right now that it's not still alive, it could probably half-lifingly lash out at me and that would be disgusting. i'm still very cautious, very aware, and very chicken. i say fuck it i'll just try to drive around it. vroom. yeah it blew away as my car wheezed by, it was a fucking black thrash bag. argkh.


green apple said...

penakut jugak ko ni ye....hehe

penyangak said...

biasa lah adik kau nih ayam