Sunday, January 04, 2009


it's the weekend.

life starts at 12am.

the city is waiting for me. the bright lights. loud music. mating rituals. pheromones. the opposite sex. traffic. disco balls. satan's urine. sweat. black dresses. earrings. awkward movements and intoxicated smiles. the brader jaga car park. it's all in the center just waiting for me.

so i drove out.

i tapau-ed some food for tomorrow's breakfast.

i cruised around for a bit. stopped the car at one point to let a cute stranger chick cross the road. while walking hurriedly to the other side she looked at me funny. i was in mid-falsetto.

after 10 minutes of mindless cruising, i drove straight home.

12:51am, here i am, typing in this entry.

what should i do next? have some sleep maybe? ..okay.




Z said...

tahniah bro. anda officially COOL sekarang!

Anonymous said...

salam ukhwah n salam maal hijrah 1430 n hepi new year 2009 too...

sweet smile..

penyangak said...

aku harap tone kau tone ironic, z wakhkugekuga.

salam balik kek ekau nurain, kem salam kek kawan-kawan pghmpuan kau.