Friday, April 14, 2006

Dia Berkata

The Pharcyde - she said (DJ Premier remix) (LAYANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

See, I always use this temantapimesra term in convoz sometimez. So I read Judd explaining the term in his blog in detail. I actually have never heard the song nor know the meaning of the term. All this while I've always thought it meant fuck buddy, wahrkhahkga, thanks Judd, whoever you are, for clearing that up. However I wanna stay ignorant, so fuck buddy it is. Wakhrkahkahkga.

Am I mature? I like someone, but that doesn't mean you want that someone fuck everyone else she has, maybe it just means you want to know that someone better, if it was meant to be worry none me will be, it will be, this may be, the first time I feel and act this way, I'm so cool negro. Comin' through rocking cikickikickic wild like rock starsss who smash guitarrrs. Peace.

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