Sunday, July 24, 2005

Santa Menopause

Today I woke up quite early, around 8, with wide open eyes, and now it's look at the posted at yourself sucka PM and I'm not sleepy, wowee, that's kinda cool. Yeah I know no big deal, but I just felt kinda cool. Actually last night I was watching this old movie, well not too old, Bad Santa, pretty nice movie, but I was too tired so I kinda slept with lights on and shit though half-concious did pause the media player. The movie was tight. That's two - old criminal and a kid relationship movies I've seen this week, the other was Leon a.k.a The Professional, which was pretty okay, Portman was hot, but the ending sucked ass.

Bad Santa was much better, Billy Bob Thornton just fucking killed it (Which means he kicked ass in rap lingo), he's just effortlessly cynical, unapologetically assholic, yes, how fucking smooth is walking around with a santa outfit, drinking beer then throwing the emptied bottle on a random mercedes benz front mirror or whatever. And then that part where some kid was questioning him being Santa, "No, I'm a fucking accountant, I just dress like this as a fashion statement". Yo and how about swearing like fuck when talking to a kid, no holds barred like what the fuck are you talking about you idiot. Anyway, I could ramble more about this but it's better if cats who haven't already just fucking see it innit. Cause you know it set a new record for christmas movies by having the most swear words. And allthough it's about an asshole who fucking cracks safes to steal money, well what he really just do with the money is rent an apartment, drink all day, fuck wemenz and cause shit, you can relate to him if you wanna, I can relate to him, he's just a simple man with a kind heart and a drunk mind, it's like what he said to the midget "Look at you people, look at all that shit, do you really need all that shit".

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