Sunday, July 03, 2005


So yesterday I walked out of the house and went into my car. I drove to damansara utama. I parked somewhere near a cyber cafe. I stepped out and I found out that, I stepped on a snail :( ............... wait no I didn't, for you to poop on! So I walked and walked and walked towards a place to eat. Went in and sat down at a nasi ayam restaurant.

Dear diary, today I think I fell in love.

Dear diary, I kiddd I kidddddd.

Dear diary, does anyone ever read my blog?

Dear master, you remember when you were a kid and you wrote about how you said you were going to terawih but actually you went to play mercun war with your friends. You remember? Well whatever, I do, so right now all I'm saying is, you're a fuckhead, I'm trying to fuck devon aoki's diary right now, in other words, please fuck off.

Dear diary, why are you so mean?

Dear master, why are you so fat?

Dear diary, because I eat a lot

Dear master, that's not the point of my question

Dear diary, then what is?

Dear master, that you're a fuckass

Dear diary, whateva

Dear master, don't whatever me

Dear diary, well don't dear me you faggot

Dear master, diaries don't have gender sir

Dear diary, that's beside the point

Dear master, then what's the point?

Dear diary, fuck off

Dear master, I said that first

Dear diary, so what's your point exactly?

Dear master, that if you listened to what I said you wouldn't be around to say fuck off to me in the first place

Dear diary

Dear master, what?

Dear diary

Dear master, what? you twit

Dear diary, what......................ever

Dear master, you're an asshole

Dear diary, Wkahgkahgkahgkahkga

Dear master, bye

Dear diary, nice talking to you sucka.

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